Escapists: The Walking Dead Gets Survivor Add-On

Escapists: The Walking Dead receives a game update and it’s a killer. Game developer Team17 in conjunction with Skybound Entertainment announced a new game play today.  Owners of the will find an interesting update on consoles today.

Today, the 24th of March 2016 new additions will g live on the Xbox One and PC platforms. The best part of the update is the price. “Escapist: The Walking Dead” Survival Mode is free! Survival Mode is an update that will thrust gamers into new adventures and environments.

  • Survive for as long as possible on the new survival maps set in:
  • Taking control of different characters from “The Walking Dead” universe. Battle as Tyreese, Abraham and Michonne.  Get back -up support by fellow survivors including the iconic Rick, Carl and Glenn.
  • Take on a herd of walkers, grunts and legends. Engage on three different levels Meriwether, Alexandria and Woodbury.
  • The Survival Mode update will include new weapons and craf tables. The mini gun, sniper rifle and revolver will also be available.
  • 5 brand new achievements and new leaderboards to compete on.

Also, there are extra incentives for Skybound Insider members. Gamers can play as infected versions of; Abraham, Michonne and Tyreese. Included will also be a Stun Gun weapon. To become a  Skybound Insider member visit the link provided:

Escapists: The Walking Dead Survivor Mode” arrives on Xbox One and PC  today.

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“Escapist: The Walking Dead” Media


Multiplatform launch trailer:


PC Launch trailer:

Exclusive Skybound Insider PC content video:

Launch trailer:



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