Hypergun, A Generally Enjoyable Experience For Those Fans Of Twitch-Based Shooters

Hypergun Game Details DecayMag.com Hypergun Developer: NVYVE Studios Publisher: NVYVE Studios

Developer: NVYVE Studios

Publisher: NVYVE Studios

Genre: Action, Indie


Release Date: August 23rd, 2018

Platform: PS4, Windows, Xbox One

Game Description:

Save the world as DevTech Labs’ fearless intern, Dewey Owens in HYPERGUN! A fast-paced roguelite shooter centering around a procedural weapon of questionable effectiveness, it’s up to Dewey to master the ultimate combat simulator. Fighting through waves of alien interlopers in a simulation designed to create the ultimate weapon, players will unlock exciting new classes all while gaining powerful abilities in their journey to create the HYPERGUN!

NVYVE Studios

Hypergun -DecayMag Video Game Review

Check out our video game review for the newly release Sci-Fi shooter Hypergun from NVYVE Studios The article is penned by DecayMag Content Contributor Stephen Gillhespy link: http://decaymag.com/video-games/game-reviews/hypergun-a-brutal-bright-rogue-like-shooter/30168/

Posted by DecayMag.com on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Hypergun is focused on the efforts of DevTech to create the ultimate weapon to stave off an impending alien invasion. The only way to know if the gun will be sufficient is to withstand their intense simulation. Any firearm strong enough to surpass the procedurally generated, roguelike shooting gallery will live up to the name of the Hypergun.
The game is a fast-paced arcade shooter in procedurally generated environments. Along the way, you’ll pick up different mods for your gun which can do anything from improve fire rates, increase damage, or even add attachments like a grenade launcher for maximum damage. Helpful menus keep track of equipped mods and the statistics on the gun. Following a death, the simulation ends and it forces you to start from scratch all over with the base weapon.

Combat is wave based in nature for every room you enter. Hordes of different aliens spawn in only allowing you to progress once every enemy in the room is defeated. All drops are random, and some shop rooms exist to purchase extra health and shields which drop in frequently. There is no guarantee you’ll find these helpful rooms though as each level is a labyrinth with branching paths on the way to the boss. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a map early on highlighting these locations along with chests and challenge rooms which yield extra goodies.

DecayMag.com Hypergun Developer: NVYVE Studios Publisher: NVYVE Studios

Stores are used with the in level currency known as bits which drop at a respectable level. The other currency known as Hypercoins are allotted during each playthrough to purchase different abilities and introducing other attachments into the game. You can also use these to purchase the three other playable characters aside from the starting intern character. Each of these characters has their own abilities and weapon types which keeps the experience fresh. Per playthrough, it was not uncommon to earn over 50 Hypercoins so unlocking new items and characters will come at an even pace.

The aesthetic of the game is charming. In the office, you can check the gallery of the aliens you’ve defeated, the attachments you’ve discovered, and even view some of your strongest iterations of the Hypergun. There are even comical post-it notes left around for fun. Once in the simulation, the neon polygons take over as aliens warp, shoot, and lunge after you to a catchy symphony of techno and synth music. This all serves the game well, and it generally performed throughout. I had the occasional glitch which rendered my weapon invisible. There was also a regular slow down on one boss in particular which did not end up crashing.

DecayMag.com Hypergun Developer: NVYVE Studios Publisher: NVYVE Studios

The shooting mechanics are tight with simplified controls. There is no need to reload as primary ammo and secondary attachments are each based on their respective cooldowns. The initial levels are quite simple, but by level 3 you’ll notice that rooms become more cluttered. Pacing wise this works well until level 5 which I think experiences a considerable increase in difficulty. Bosses are generally far tamer to defeat than the journey to them. The aliens you encounter are varied but tend to become repetitive. By the third level, most of your time will consist of killing initial melee waves while dodging the ranged attacks of a teleporting alien, followed by firing countless shots at shielded snipers.

Overall, Hypergun is a generally enjoyable experience for those fans of twitch-based shooters that don’t mind starting from scratch regularly. Due to the nature of random drops, a playthrough can be anything from utterly enjoyable to painfully difficult. Later levels can be daunting and the slightest hang up can have huge repercussions on an otherwise stellar run. Tight controls and a fun presentation along with a healthy set of unlocks make for some great replayability following those failed trials. For the price, Hypergun is definitely worth a look but may alienate audiences looking for less of a challenge in their games.

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