Gears of War 4 Updates Reveal

Gears of War release Change Rumor or Fact?

Details emerged surrounding a much anticipated Xbox One exclusive. The reveal occurred during the “Gears of War” Pro League Champions hosted by the ESL. The competition was broadcast via Twitch live-stream. “Gears of War 4” producer Rod Fergusson announced the new release date for the title to be; “Fall 2016.” The news surprised many in the gaming community.  “Gears of War 4” is scheduled to hit stores on or around the holiday season 2016. In fact,  a holiday 2016 release date remains posted on the game’s website. This despite Rod Fergusson’s announcement.

Further details on emerged during the Pro League Champions event. Gamespot, reputable news source on all things gaming furnished a summary in their article. They report that a multiplayer beta test for “Gears of War 4” to be scheduled for spring 2016. Also, the beta is exclusive to those that had purchased “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition”.  Also reported is the fact that forty-five percent of “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” players are newcomers to the Action, Horror Sci-Fi franchise.

The comment issued by  producer Rod Fergusson should merits verification. Many times the gaming community often latch unto weightless quotes to solidify a topic. Not saying that is the situation here, but it happens.  Case in point, the circulating rumors of a third “Left 4 dead” game to be in development. Countless news sources picked up on the headline based on an unverified statement. Without a press release its safe to assume that the game remains on course for a Holiday 2016 release.

Further information on the multiplayer beta launch has not yet been revealed.  The good news is that the game hasn’t faced a cancellation or delay in its release. It gives fans something to look forward to by this year’s end.


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