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Ghost Theory, promises to immerse the player in unique scenes of horror. The concept is the next project from Czech Republic based Dreadlocks Studios. “Ghost Theory” will be the third indie game release after the company formed in 2011.  This latest project from Dreadlocks Studios will be designed from the ground up. The goal, to create an experience unlike any other genre specific video games to date. The developers have chosen to forego traditional animated presentations. “Ghost Theory” will integrate filmed actors through stereoscopic 3D technology. The intent, to foster realism and engaging game play.

“Ghost Theory” is a game. The game features an open world environment allowing players to explore alternative courses. Players must use stealth elements to avoid supernatural threats lurking throughout the various levels. Dreadlock Studio's Ghost Theory

The premise to Dreadlocks Studios’ “Ghost Theory” reads as follows:

“…you are a gifted paranormal investigator able to catch glimpses of ghosts, and equipped with all the tools modern science can provide. Using stealth and your wits to survive, you will explore the most famous real-life haunted places to cleanse them of their evil presence, all the while collecting data and evidence to ultimately solve the eternal mystery of the afterlife.”

Atmospheric player interaction, Horror driven and immersive game play are the key selling point to “Ghost Theory”. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available. Dreadlocks Studios launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. At the time of this published report the campaign amassed $15,206. Seventeen days are left in the campaign which gives ample time for the gaming community and Horror enthusiasts to help fund this project. In addition, “Ghost Theory” is currently pending approval from the community on Steam Greenlight.

Tired of the run and gun Action, Horror game concepts? Looking for an immersive gaming experience with atmospheric tension and suspense? Visit “Ghost Theory” crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Extend support and/or promote the concept via social networking platforms.



Coming Soon: Windows, Mac, Consoles

first-person survival horror

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Game Developer Session 2015 (CZ)

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