“Goosebumps” Heads to PS, XBox, More..

“Goosebumps”, is an upcoming video game slated to coincide with the upcoming family friendly horror/action/comedy “Goosebumps”. Last month the mobile version of the game (also due for release in October) was covered by Decaymag.com in our article.

decaymag.com Wayforward Goosebumps the gameDeveloped by WayForward, “Goosebumps: The Game” is a point-and-click adventure that was designed to compliment the franchise. WayForward writer/director Tomm Hulett wrote about the development and production “Goosebumps: The Game” which you can read in its entirety via the PS Blog. The following are excerpts of Tomm Hulett’s  post:

“With the Goosebumps license and the first-person point and click game-play style, it required us to take a different approach from what we have traditionally done at Wayforward…  Fortunately, it was an approach that meshed very well with the tenets of horror and the story we are trying to tell.”

“I’m not satisfied if the game is merely Goosebumps-flavored, or brand-adjacent. I couldn’t sleep if the game felt like anything less than an authentic Goosebumps product with all the hallmarks that entails. It also helped that we were able to visit Sony Pictures to screen the film early on to provide inspiration and insight into the direction of the movie to help set up the prequel story.”

“Lastly, we’d chosen to use hand-drawn art for our backgrounds so each room in the game could have the same appearance as the iconic Goosebumps book covers, meaning once we drew items into a room it was very difficult to move them somewhere else if they weren’t working. In a 3D game it’s a matter of just moving the object and repositioning it. For us, however, “repositioning” would mean redrawing from scratch, and I really dislike wasted work.”

“Goosebumps: The Game” will release the 13 on October 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Below is the Trailer to the upcoming video game.


Source: PS Blog

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