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Heavy Gear Assault Game Details

Publisher: Stompy Bot Productions

Developer: MekTek Studios

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Shooter

Release Date: December 29th, 2016

Platform: Steam

Game Description:

“The story line of the game is you are a pilot on the distant planet of Terra Nova, pushing the boundaries of your personal war machine, in an all-out corporate sponsored warfare, seeking fame and glory while destroying your opponent. Enjoy unparalleled customization, beautiful environments, innovative e-sports integration, and a dynamic combat system”.


Heavy Gear Assault is an Action Sci-Fi video game. The game is a mech shooter with similarities to games as Lost Planet, Titan Fall, and Hawksen.

The positives are the graphics. The visuals are okay and the sound design is good. That’s it. This game is bad. The camera angles are terrible. The mech suits lack texture. The designs also are unoriginal. The mech suits look like every other mech in any other mech game.

DecayMag.com Stompy Bot Heavy Gear Assault

The User Interface system is also terrible.  It is confusing and does a bad job at explaining game controls. Multiplayer also needs a lot of work. A big problem would be reloading. There is no animation for the reloading and you cannot reload until your gun is completely empty. Aiming is another problem.  It is hard to aim and you do not know if you’re actually hitting another enemy.

The biggest problem this game has is the price. It has a price tag on steam for forty dollars! This is a complete rip-off.  A game of this caliber should be free. MekTek Studios need to go back and edit the game in all aspects. From the user interface all the way down to the game mechanics.

This title does have potential but not right now. Plus, it is not worth a forty dollar price tag. There are similar games such as; Hawksen, which are much better in quality. Hawksen offers the same Unreal Engine 4 technology and is a better mech game. Also, Hawksen is available right now on the PlayStation market for free.

DecayMag.com Stompy Bot  Heavy Gear Assault

In conclusion, skip Heavy Gear Assault. This is an overpriced game. All aspects of the game need revamping. It also needs a much-needed redesign. Currently, there are better mech games on the market. The best alternative would be Hawksen. 


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