Hill Quest, Panama Scores Indie Game On Xbox

Hill Quest Game Details 

Developer: Multitool Studios

Publisher: Multitool Studios

Genre: Action, Adventure Science Fiction

ESRB: T for Teen

Release Date: January 26th, 2018 / June 29th, 2018

Platform: Steam / Xbox One

Game Description:

Run, Jump, Shoot, use Jetpack, Dive into the sea and more in this initial adventure, save your dad and in the way the mankind. An intriguing platformer with plot twists what will be used into other products of the same franchise. We use #GoodGuysGameDeveloper philosophy.



As a Panamanian, Hill Quest is a video game release that resonates with this journalist. Multitool Studios is an independent game development studio founded by Aldo Alain and Rita Ríos. The base of operations for Multitool Studios is the country of Panama.

Hill Quest is the first independent video game to emerge from this Central American region. After two years of testing, development, and tribulations Alain and Rios ported their product to the Xbox One. Hill Quest released on Steam in January 2018. Multitool Studios plan to port this retro-inspired title to PlayStation 4.

DecayMag.com Multitool Studios Hill Quest

“We are very proud, some tears here and there, High hopes and confident in our future, we thanks everyone who support us, we double confirm our commitment to make the best games we can under the best practices in game development we can.”

Rita Ríos, Founder / Lead Artist Multitool Studios

According to the press release, Hill Quest is described as;

….a 2D platform-type video game that presents all the classic elements of the genre: run and jump through mobile platforms and other dangers while defeating enemies and looking for the keys. Make your way through a series of maps, occasionally swimming or using a jetpack for whole levels.

DecayMag.com Multitool Studios Hill Quest

Players assume the role of the protagonist Hill. After Hill’s father is kidnapped she must fight her way through treacherous land and adversaries to save him. Did Hill’s father a geneticist get kidnapped for his research in changing the course of humanity? Did a mysterious collaborator have anything to do with the kidnapping?

The intriguing plot will unearth pressing questions. Below are some of the features offered in Hill Quest.

• Exciting platform mechanisms

• Enemies at distance and melee

• Multiple characters to rescue

• Ability to swim/dive and use a jetpack

• Multiverse interactive and entertaining

• No downloadable content or paid season pass



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