Home of Indies Crowdfunding to Revolutionize Independent Game Market?

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Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

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The indie game industry has major problems. The issues we see today have been brewing for years. Nowadays, developers often have to search high and low to hopefully find the resources they need. The indie devs of today spend countless hours looking for help and resources when they could be spending time working on their games. Indies often lack a “Home” to call their own and are forced to rely on themselves. The indie community deserves better.



The video game industry is growing at an exponential rate. The market is a profitable one with doors opening in every facet of the business. Statistics have shown that sales in video games surpass most blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Major gamer developers drive the video game industry. With advancements in technology, dreamers can design games that rival big-budget competitors. Independent developers are propelling new and innovative ideas. By putting creativity in the forefront the industry evolves.

Take a glimpse on Steam. One would find a slate of independent developed and published titles. Many of these authors are fortunate to have secured funding for their projects. Acquiring seed money is one of the major hurdles independent game developers face. The idea may be awe-inspiring but without proper funding, the project falls flat. Its a tragedy when a game never sees the light of day.

decaymag.com Allison Road

Take for example Allison Road. The concept of this video game mirrored Konami’s Silent Hill with Horror aesthetics. At the start, Allison Road stemmed from a one-man development team. Soon the idea morphed into a full-fledged company. Two canceled crowdfunding campaigns and other obstacles resulted in a failed development. There are many cases such as Allison Road in the indie video game industry. This is a shame.

DecayMag.com Home of Indies

Home of Indies Crowdfunding Campaign

Home of Nerds is looking to rectify many problems independent game developers face. The company launched an Indiegogo campaign. The amount of £15,000 ( $18,778) will go towards building a resource center for the indie video game market. Home of Nerds plans to change the landscape of business. According to the press release Home of Nerds will establish Home of Indies and will offer;

• Access easy-to-follow guides to every detail of indie development and marketing.

• All-in-one hub will allow developers to craft free, high-quality websites that make it easier to create, market, and distribute their games with our marketplace feature.

• A suite of powerful tools designed to make the development process a better experience for up-and-coming indie game developers.

• Host a job board so that users can advertise and apply for work on projects among themselves.

• Front-end resource to attract potential customers themselves.

The interesting features Home of Indies offers is the crowdfunding campaign platform. Their model mirrors Paetron but in a unique way. The system will only cater to the independent video game. For more information or to back this campaign visit the Indiegogo profile page.


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