How to Survive 2 Allows Player to Craft Weapons, Kill Zombies

How to Survive 2 Game Eko Software 505 Games  How to Survive 2Details

Developer: Eko Software

Publisher: 505 Games

Genre: Survival, Action, RPG

ESRB: Mature

Release Date: February 2017

Platform: Steam 

Game Description:

Set 15 years after the first game, in How to Survive 2 players find themselves trying to survive a massive Zombie infestation in Louisiana where they must team up in order to live. Players will have to scavenge for resources, craft tools and weapons, build base camps, and interact with the many colorful characters that populate the area. Fans will discover that series favorite; Kovac, the masked stranger & author of the ever-present survival guide will also be on hand to help players outlive the zombie plague. Stay safe, survivors!

First impressions.

How to Survive 2  looks like another cliché RPG zombie horror survival game. The graphics are okay. The game looks like pretty much like every single zombie game ever made. Based on the gameplay footage How to Survive 2 really does not offer anything new. The games developers do promise a ton of features. Including a massive multiplayer option, a ton of upgrades, and upgrades to your environment, which does sound promising, but again, this is something that hasn’t been done before. Eko Software 505 Games  How to Survive 2

Final thoughts

How to Survive 2 looks very generic and cliché. It is another standard zombie game. The game graphics look okay.  There are a ton of developers doing the same concept that compare to this game. The only positive thing I about How to Survive 2 based on the gameplay is it looks like fun. If you’re looking for a generic zombie game that looks like fun give How to Survive 2 a chance.

In-Game Features:

• Multiplayer
• Randomized environments
• Character customization
• Teamwork
• Survival
• Crafting
• Camp building


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