Kaidan,  Japanese Rooted Survival Horror

Kaidan is the latest indie video game title to offer original concept. Today’s gaming landscape feature a wide selection of Action oriented Survival Horror titles. Most of these games fail to deliver frights in comparison to titles released years prior. Indie developers are aware of the lack of Horror in Survival Horror gaming. Many have launch crowdfunding campaigns to finance their unique idea. Whether for the PlayStation, Xbox or Desktop the goal lies in capturing the essence of Horror. Gaming differs from any other entertainment medium.  Actions, circumstances and characters are interactive. The experience immerses the player within thought provoking circumstances. For Horror, the field is open for indie developers to redefine the genre.

This is where the developers at Metanoia Games come into play. (Pun intended)

What is “Kaidan”?

To grasp a better understanding on the game under development by Metanoia Games lets first understand what the word “Kaidan” signifies. Below is a breakdown to this Japanese based word.

The first kanji in kaidan, 怪 (kai), means weird, strange or mysterious.   Like the kanji 霊(rei), 怪 is a kanji that makes several appearances in Japanese folklore, the most important being in the aforementioned word 妖怪 (yōkai) which combines 妖 (yō) meaning attracting or bewitching with 怪 (kai).  Yōkai is the term used for Japanese folkloric monsters like the water-dwelling kappa and mountain-dwelling tengu.  The second kanji in kaidan is 談 (dan), means todiscuss or talk.  The kanji carries the nuance of transference of information, of passing from one mouth to another, and is found in words such as 雑談 (zetsudan) meaning idle chatter.

The most literal possible interpretation of kaidan would be something like a discussion or passing down of tales of the weird, strange or mysterious.

Excerpt hyakumonogatari.com

“Kaidan” On Kickstarter

“Kaidan” is a remarkable project. This is not a statement to advertise or provide a free promo for the game. On the contrary, credit given to where it is merited. The premise behind “Kaidan” is different from anything currently available on the market. Players have many game play experiences to choose from. The game is deigned as an asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Players will have full control over the plot. This is besides engagement with the environments and characters. This is a remarkable shift in direction from Survival Horror games both old and new.

Within “Kaidan” players have the choice of three different elements of participation. The choices are:

  • The Storyteller, who creates a horror story,
  • The Haunter, who plays the role of the villain in the story
  • The Victim, who plays as one of the main characters.

For an in depth description to these game play engagement please refer to the “Kaidan” Crowdfunding page.

The developers at Metanoia Games launched a crowdfunding campaign to the upcoming project, “Kaidan”. This section is reserved for the key points on this crowdfunding campaign. Listed are how the project best serves the Horror genre now and well into the future. Yet, “Kaidan” will speak for itself, literally.  The following link is a demo to “Kaidan”, a glimpse on what Metanoia Games is working on.

“Kaidan” playable demo

The crowdfunding goal for “Kaidan” is set for seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000).   The game will be available across various gaming platforms.



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