Last Empire War Z Live Action Trailer To Lure Gamers


Last Empire War Z Live Action Aims to Entice More Customers

Last Empire War Z Overview

Last Empire War Z is a zombie-themed mobile strategy game. Players battle zombies and other survivors to build and grow their city and their empire. The app has been around for a couple of years now. Yet, the developers recently updated the app.  According to the developers, Last Empire has a ton of new features. Here is a list of the new features

DecayMag Last Empire-War Z• The Alliance Arms Race is an arms race competition among Alliances.

•  Alliance Members can earn points by competing in events.

•  The Activity has multiple ways to earn points. After reaching points goals, rewards will be sent to Alliance Members through the mail.

•  During each event, Alliances earn Ranking points. The top Alliances earning the most Ranking Points will be sent rewards.

•  Opening of the State: 1-400

•  Missile Silo New Upgrades!

•  Added “Ultimate Missile Defense Value” to scouting. Scouting shows you the enemy’s Ultimate Missile Defense Value.

•  Ultimate Missile Defense Value: When your Ultimate Missile Defense Value hits zero, DecayMag Last Empire-War ZUltimate Missile Defense is trigged

•  The Missile Production interface shows more information at a glance

•  Cross-state Battle Activity – New Buildings

•  During the Cross-state Battle Kill Enemies Activity, new State Resource Stations will spawn.

•  State Resource Stations add a large number of resources to the State every hour.

• State Resource Stations can be demolished. Once demolished, they will not continue to add resources.

•  New Officer – Major General: Cha Siu

Function: Defender

Cha Siu is a Major General in his country’s Ministry of Defense. He is also a senior defense consultant, who was involved in the design of the “Iron Curtain” anti-missile system as well as a number of large-scale land defense weapons.

Hold: After a defense failure, there is 25% chance he will not be captured.

Arms Expert: When wearing the Guardian Suit, other damage bonuses not from equipment increased by 30%

DecayMag Last Empire-War Z

Game review

DecayMag Last Empire-War ZLast Empire Z is a decent strategy game. It is definitely entraining and addictive. Yet, there is nothing original or n about this game.  The game is similar in comparison to other strategy-based mobile app games. For example; Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, The Game of War, and Mobile Strike.

The graphics are okay. The layout of the game is nice but at times it can get cluttered. As for gameplay, you start making and building your city. You can train soldiers and have them attack zombies and other players. You can also team up with other players and fight together.

The app is user-friendly and gives you a ton of help. There is a lot of in-app purchases and upgrades you can buy if you want to get right into the game. The idea and concept are cool but to be honest, the game can get boring fast.


Download Last Empire – War Z and play for free at Google Play Store

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