Layers of Fear, Blooper Team’s Upcoming Horror Title

Layers of fear is an upcoming horror video game from indie developer Blooper team. News of this title has trickling in over the past few months. Released earlier this week was the official announcement trailer for “Layers of Fear”. The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. A previous release trailer to “Layers of Fear” released late last year. Blooper team’s upcoming horror title was featured in our article: Video Games, 31 Upcoming Horror Titles for 2016.

Layers of fear is currently available on Steam early access for PC. February 16th 2016 is the released date for PlayStation 4 consoles.

Some gaming news sites have compared “Layers of Fear” to “Silent Hill” playable trailer.  The Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro and Konami project is currently defunct. The playable trailer served as creative and successful marketing strategy. “P.T.” is not the holy grail of atmospheric horror gaming.  A comparison between “Layers of Fear” and “P.T.” has no validation. In our honest opinion every indie horror game should shine on its own merits.  New Horror release serves as contributions to ever-changing genre.

Below is the press release description to Blooper team’s “Layers of Fear”:

Layers of Fear is a psychological and psychedelic adventure horror game, where you take on a role of a once renowned painter, who after a series of life tragedies is on a brink of succumbing to madness. After losing his prestige, wife and child, he only has one thing left – art. Finish the Magnum Opus and find out the true reason behind the artist’s motives.

Layers of fear is currently available on Steam early access for $12.99. As a reminder “Layers of Fear” will be available on PlayStation 4 on February 16th 2016. Stay tuned to for further information on Blooper team’s upcoming Psychological Horror game.



  1. You can say that a comparison between Layers of Fear and P.T. is unfair, but Layers of Fear literally took the exact ghost attack sequence from P.T. and put it in their own game. The ghost gets right in your face, its head twitching, as it takes you to the ground. You wake up and climb up off the floor EXACTLY as you do in P.T. It’s not just similar, it’s the same.


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