Left 4 Dead 2 Compatible with Xbox One

Left 4 Dead Returns..

A list for a slate of Xbox One’s backward compatible video game unveiled titles this week. The list includes some notable games in the  Survival Horror and Sci-Fi genres. One game in particular stands out from the crowd. Valve’s survival horror co-op “Left 4 Dead” is now backward compatible for the Xbox One. The news is great. The move reintroduces the once popular cooperative first-person shooter to next-gen gamers. Yet, for serious “Left 4 Dead” aficionados such as myself we’re awaiting word on “Left 4 Dead 3”. The third entry to the franchise is long overdue.

DecayMag.com Left 4 Dead 2 Dark Carnival“Left 4 Dead” is a multi-award winning title that took the gaming world by storm. Left 4 Dead 2  released in 2009 for the Xbox 360 and continued the popularity of the original. Since then downloadable content (DLC) kept the game afloat on the Xbox console. PC gamers have more incentives with community driven content. Yet, across both platforms the franchise remains in a catatonic state.

The story is set against a zombie post apocalyptic scenario. Eight players rotate infected versus survivor game play. Four survivors must transverse across infected street to reach escape. Note the key word is infected. Four special infected must  stop or hinder the survivor’s escape. You won’t find any slow moving zombies in this video game title.  The replay value for both the original and sequel is noteworthy.

“Left 4 Dead” posters plaster the DecayMag.com office. Not to mention keeping warm under a “L4D” hoodie while enjoying a cup of java in our CEDA branded coffee mug.  These are mementos from our heyday as “Left 4 Dead” competitive gamers. The “Left 4 Dead 2” backwards compatibility topic sounds as a consolation prize. A new installment would be the news of the century for “L4D” game aficionados. Valve make this dream a reality!


List of Horror Sci-Fi themes games now backwards compatible with Xbox One

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