Night Terrors, Novum Analytics’ Augmented Reality Horror

Night Terrors, news about his innovative game erupted in mid-2015. Developed by Novum Analytics, this indie horror game transcends the scope of augmented reality and alternate reality gaming. Integration of logarithms, 3D mapping and CGI allows the player’s environment to become part of the game. The technological concept behind the game is new. This immersive gaming experience is still in its infancy with prototype and development ongoing.

“Night Terrors” has a basis on key technical aspects on the augmented reality vehicle. Instead of using a traditional gaming console the game operates on mobile devices. The game uses the camera, screen, and flashlight functions of the device. Genius!

“Night Terrors” First Crowdfunding Campaign

Yet, despite the news coverage  “Night Terrors” didn’t meet the intended funding goal. The crowdfunding campaign ended with sixty-seven percent completion of seventy thousand dollars. The capital accrued went towards further development of the project. Options were offered to port “Night Terrors” for Android and Windows devices. The game is only available for iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+.

“Night Terrors” Pre-Orders

Novum Analytics unveiled another crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The purpose of the campaign is to garner pre-order sales for the game. Also, the developers will be issuing perks to contributors between now and the release date to the game. The following is an excerpt from the “Night Terrors” second crowdfunding page:

With all the recent attention on AR/VR, we thought we should mention a principle purpose of this project is to demonstrate immersive gaming doesn’t take deep pockets and big headsets. Through creativity and ingenuity, we are going to prove that AR games can be an affordable, quality experience, available to all.

“Night Terrors” will be available Halloween 2016 for the retail price of $5.99. The game will be made available on iTunes and Google Play.





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