Other 99, Unveils at 2016 E3

Other 99, offers an interesting concept to the survival Horror gaming genre. Players will need to use elements of stealth, combat and crucial decision making. The end goal, survival. The game is unlike most survival Horror titles offering  zombies and monsters. The game will present the deadliest monster of all, mankind. Trapped on the isolated Hebridian island are ninety-nine people. Desperation and the instinct to survive is at the core. These non-playable characters (NPC’s) will jeopardize the player’s goal towards survival. Players must also contend with the unstable elements of the wilderness. The player will engage the story at their own will. Questions will arise.

Will you brutally murder all those who stand in your way? Or will you move silently through the forests, eliminating anyone that crosses your path? Just remember each person is unique and has their own story to tell and their own pieces of the jigsaw that makes up The Other 99.

How far will you go to survive?

“Other 99” is best summarized with the following excerpt:

“Experience the game’s brutal visceral combat, an exploration-driven story, the true meaning of stealth, and merciless decisions that will haunt your dreams.”

Other 99 Press Release

Deck13 Games and Burning Arrow will unveil “Other 99” at the 2016 E3 event held in Los Angeles, California. The game will be available for Mac and PC via Steam

Burning Arrow CEO, Thomas Brown stated:

“….We can’t wait to get people hooked on The Other 99 and finally demonstrate just how good it is….”

Deck13 CEO Jan Klose added the following:

“….The Other 99 is truly different from any other survival game we have ever seen!”

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