“Pathologic” returns ten years later..

“Pathologic” is a multi-award winning psychological survival horror game developed by Ice-Pick Lodge. Released in 2005, the Russian based game failed to garner  popularity outside its native country  due to poor English translation. Fast-forward nine years later,  Ice-Pick Lodge partners with Gambitious Digital Entertainment to establish a Kickstarter campaign to resurrect “Pathologic”.  The crowdfunding campaign ended successfully, with proceeds going toward the development of “Pathologic Classic HD”.

“Pathologic Classic HD” will be offered with English dialogue and narration fully integrated in high definition, digitally remastered format.

The following is an excerpt to the “Pathologic Classic HD” official press release:

Pathologic Classic HD is an extensive remaster of the original game, featuring updated graphics and effects, while addressing the most prominent critiques of the original with a completely redone English script, brand new re-recorded voice-overs and reinstated dialogue. Released in anticipation of the Kickstarted Pathologic Remake that Ice-Pick Lodge is currently working on, Pathologic Classic HD allows gamers to experience the old masterpiece in a definitive way.”

After a mysterious and highly infectious disease killed most of the townspeople agents are dispersed to the area to investigate the outbreak. The players will assume the roles of an agent sent in to explore the town, they must work against time while to exploring a dark town, defeat the threat and/or rescue survivors.

“Pathologic Classic HD” will release sometime this fall on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It will retail for $12.99 at Steam, Gog and the Humble Store.


Source: pcgamer.com


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