Perception Under Development by Deep End

Perception, will redefine survival horror gaming with unique game play and story driven context. The game is under development by Deep End Games. A group of veteran developers spearheaded by Bill Gardner.  Their combined experiences include horror titles such as;  Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space. The titles are award winning and genre redefining games. Its no surprise many in the gaming community are anticipating the release to”Perception”.

The game will offer the following scenario to the player:

Playing as a young woman named Cassie, months of research have led you to investigate an abandoned mansion. Cassie is blind thus relies on echolocation to see but discovers all is not well in this old, and haunted, house. A series of yet unexplained events sees her travel through time to uncover the mystery of Echo Bluff – the estate upon which the house is on.

This unique game play will open the doors from tension building and jump scares. This idea is fascinating. “Perception” will revitalize a genre many believe to be losing its touch or dying. Survival Horror titles are scare and have merged with Action oriented game play. The cross over made by major game development company in hopes of targeting wider market. The strategy but dilutes the fear inducing experiences of a survival horror game.

The release date for “Perception” is not official. Yet, Deep End Games is leaning towards a June 2016 window.

“Perception” received funding via Kickstarter. The campaign amassed one hundred sixty eight thousand forty one dollars ($168,041) in contributions. The generous donations from the public illustrates the game’s popularity in the gaming community. Stay Tuned.


Retro-inspired version of “Perception” created Deep End Games

Game walk-through with Bill Gardner and IGN Staff

Source: IGN


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