Phantaruk, Survival Horror with Rooted Inspiration


Phantaruk Launch Trailer Released

Phantaruk is an FPP Sci-Fi survival horror game currently under development. This indie video game is a product from the Poland-based game developer, Polyslash. In Phantaruk the player controls a character trapped on an abandoned spaceship named; Purity02.

Not much is know of the protagonist other than he was a science experiment. The titular in-game character is a mysterious beast that roams the intergalactic ship. As with most survival horror games, the aim is basic. The player must find a means to escape and/or survive the hostile environment. Aesthetically, the game draws inspiration from survival horror titles from yesteryear.

Patryk Polewiak, Main Game Designer shared the following comment regarding the aesthetics on Phantaruk:

“One of our goals was to make sure that the player can never feel completely safe. We created an environment in which you are constantly hunted down and can be surprised at every corner.

The in-game antagonist is a mysterious beast that roams the intergalactic ship. As with most survival horror games, the aim is basic.

A planned release date is set for August 2016. The target platforms will be Steam for PC and. A release is proposed for Mac/Linux. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console owners may have to wait a little longer to play Phantaruk.

Key Features:
• Find and use medical syringes to get rid of the toxins in your body which raise your pulse – if it gets too high, you will die.
• Be on the constant lookout for batteries – without them, your flashlight won’t work.
• Survive in first person perspective, hide when in danger, crawl through ventilation shafts and peek around the corners to see what hides in the shadows.
• Discover the mystery of Purity-02 by reading notes left behind by the ship’s crew.
• Enjoy the stunning visuals running on the Unity engine and beautiful soundtrack composed by Draco Nared

Stay tuned to the Phantaruk Facebook fan page for more information

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