Pocket Gothic, Anime Dark Horror Action

Title: Pocket Gothic

Release Date: To be Announced

Publisher: Fedeen Games

Platform: Android Mobile Platforms

Synopsis: Currently Unavailable

“Pocket Gothic” follows the typical turn based Role Playing Game format. The player has the option to choose different combat classes, and they are as follows: Dragoon, Spellsword, Gunslinger, and Arcanist. Each class will have certain combat attributes for instance Dragoon and Spellsword offer close combat tactics while the Gunslinger and Arcanist feature a mid to long range attack method.

“Pocket Gothic” features cute characters that have a Japanese Anime aesthetic (of course it would, its an Role Playing Game).  The dark horror/Fantasy theme DecayMag.com Pocket Gothiccompliments the over engagement of the a side-scrolling Action game, “Pocket Gothic”

Presently, there’s not enough information on the publisher’s website on the upcoming game, “Pocket Gothic” including specifics on a release date. Its most likely Fedeen Games will open a pre-registration or newsletter subscription before the launch of the game.


Source: pocketgamer.co.uk




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