Resident Evil 7, Thoughts and Game Revelations

Resident Evil 7, Will Capcom Surprise Gamers?


Resident evil Biohazard is the seventh installment in the Resident evil franchise.  According to Capcom Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will launch January 24th, 2017. The game will release on the following platforms;

• PlayStation 4,

• Xbox One,

• Windows 10

• Steam

• Playable in PlayStation VR with the optional PSVR mode.

The story line is still cryptic. Here’s what we know so far. You’re playing the role of a new character called; Ethan Winters. Ethan thought his wife was dead. He goes looking for her and ends up in at a nightmare-fueled plantation. There Ethan fights a family of psychos to survive.  Also to dispel rumors this game is not a reboot.

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Where does RE 7 fall into Timeline?

The game does not go back in time. Resident Evil 7 takes place after the events of Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil is going back to their roots. Based on the game demo the new game is psychological, intense, and has an escape the room kind of feel. There are many aspects of the old games fused in and there are Easter eggs that pay homage to past installments. On a visual level, the game is beautiful. The graphics are top notch. The game itself offers details. From facial features to the environmental features the game is an A+.

What to expect?

Capcom wants to go back to the roots of the Horror survival genre. They want to stray away from the aesthetics of Resident Evil 6. Ammunition and weapons are going to be scarce. As a result, players are going to have to think. Players will have to be conservative and use good judgment when using your weapons.

The environment of the game is alive. It is immersive, you will have to go back and forth through rooms to find clues. This is the only method to progress further in the story line.

Capcom is pulling out all the stops for Resident Evil 7. The game is going to be available as a VR game. This will no doubt enhance your gaming experience. The only snag is VR will remain exclusive to the ps4 after its release for a year.

4D Candle

Capcom in association with Numskull have created and are selling 4D Candles. This is a perfect way to set the scene when playing Resident Evil 7. The scent of the Baker House Mansion will enhance the horrifying experience. The candle tailors to the game. Its designed to make you feel like you’re standing in the abandoned plantation house.

Collection Edition

Capcom Also teamed up with a masterful team at Triforce. The collaboration went to create a special collector’s edition of Resident Evil 7.  The collector’s edition includes many unique items that horror fans are sure to enjoy.

“The standout, of course, is the model replica of the plantation mansion. This model mansion also has a special function – music with accompanying LED lights. That’s not all, though; also included is a metal case for the game, a lithograph showcasing art from the game, a dummy finger USB flash drive (4GB), a VHS tape-themed box, and a creepy note from one of the mansion’s residents”.

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RE 7 Biohazard Collector’s Edition for Xbox One

Final thoughts

Resident Evil is definitely going to be a huge game for the Horror survival genre.  Capcom has pulled out all the stops.  The game looks amazing and if the game lives up to all the hype, the game should be a classic. Also with the new VR and 4d candles, this game could change the way we play horror games.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard launches January 24th, 2017.


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