Capcom made a surprising announcement at the Tokyo Game Show held last week in Japan. The reveal was for the next installment to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “Resident Evil” Franchise. “Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps” is a competitive multiplayer shooter released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. The game will be sold as a digital download for the retail price of $30.  Although formulated as a multiplayer experience, the story line will feature key additions from the “Resident Evil” series.

Capcom unveils “Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps”

In “Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps”. players are given the option to play solo campaign or partake in team match ups. AI controlled zombies will be implemented in every game play enabling a sense of urgency and thrill, a unique gaming experience that differs from other multiplayer shooters.“Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps” will be powered by the Unity engine enabling the multiplayer experience to be fast and intense.

“Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps” doesn’t differ much from other multiplayer shooter titles. Variations in game play are introduced, one featured mode in particular is titled “One Life Match” and allows the player to eliminate the competition with the exclusion of respawns. There’s also the options to customize characters with unique wardrobe specs such as spiked boots, shields and weapons featured throughout the “Resident Evil” series.  

This isn’t the first time Capcom ventured in the multiplayer shooter territory with  the “Resident Evil” franchise. In 2012 Capcom released “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City” a project co-developed with Slant Six Studios. Unfortunately Raccoon City was met with negative criticism from both critics and fans alike. Capcom apparently didn’t learn from their mistake in reinventing the survival horror title as a multiplayer shooter. The like/dislike ratio to the “Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps” trailer on YouTube gravely reflects mixed sentiments from the gaming community.




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