Retro Games Backwards Compatible for PS4

Retro Horror games (and related sub-genres) are returning to Sony PlayStation game consoles via the PlayStation store. Select PlayStation 2 video game titles will be re-released, updated with trophies, remote play and streaming capabilities. In addition every title will have smoother frame rates with next-generation high definition visuals.  The ESRB ratings were revealed for several Horror video game titles (and related sub-genres) and they are:

  • “Primal”, the Horror action-adventure video game released in 2003 in which players engage as shape ‘shifting, demon-slaying protagonist Jennifer Tate.
  • “Twisted Metal: Black” in the vehicle combat game in which three inmates from a local insane asylum battle in the ultimate contest of car combat.
  • “War on Monsters” lets you relive your favorite monster movies with ten different creatures engaging in all-out carnage.
  • “Siren”, (aka Forbidden Siren) Players will be immersed in a fictional Japanese village where villagers have changed into zombies and the sea surrounding the village turned to blood and begins to engulf the town.
  • “Okage: Shadow King ” The spirit of an evil king has been unleashed, and it possesses the shadow of an young boy named Ari.
  • “Dark Cloud” the story is set in a time where the world is destroyed by a malevolent genie, and the player must work to put it back together.

Of course there are many more non-Horror video game titles (and related sub-genres) available such as “Wild Arms 3”, “Ape Escape 3”, and rumor is that “Max Payne” will also be available in the near future.

Fair warning though, the price of these classic PlayStation 2 video game titles will not be cheap. The PlayStation 2 video game titles will retail between ten dollars ($10) to fifteen dollars ($15). Also keep in mind that if these same titles were purchased on the PlayStation 3 console a transfer to the PlayStation 4 will not be possible. So basically players will be paying double for a preferred title.

Below is the official PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4 Announcement Trailer.

Source: GameSpot


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