Roots of Insanity To Invoke Scares With Psychological Crania Games Roots of Insanity

Roots of Insanity Game Details


Crania Games


Crania Games

Genre: Survival Horror


Release Date: 3rd of April 2017

Platform: Windows via Steam

Game Description:

You are Riley McClein, a doctor who has to deal with his epileptic attacks while trying to survive in the eerie environment of the August Valentine Hospital. It was supposed to be an ordinary night shift for you. Even your epileptic attacks have been relatively manageable, as long as you took your medicine regularly. A woman’s scream pierces the quiet night at the hospital. You immediately have a minor attack and decide to get out of your office to get more medicine and find the source of that scream. The moment you step out of your office, you find yourself entangled in a mess you cannot get out of. As Dr. Riley McClein, you need to help the other people in the hospital, but you also have to manage your own epileptic attacks. You need to uncover what is going on at the hospital, but can you do so while dealing with your own condition and the things out there that you never expected to see?


News published earlier this week for an upcoming survival Horror game. This work of terror will become available for Windows via Steam. Roots of Insanity marks the debut release for Crania Games.
Crania Games Turkey-based indie game development, and publishing company.

Roots of Insanity aims to recapture the essence of survival Horror. By providing a combat intensive experience fused with dreadful environments and suspenseful narrative. According to the press release, the game offers an

Immersive combat system lets you hack, slash, kick and shoot as you fight for your
life. Crania Games Roots of Insanity

First Impressions:

Roots of Insanity offers a First Person Shooter (FPS), Third Person Shooter (TPS) experience. The developers used the Unreal Engine to designed and developed this Horror title.

The developers also offer a rich storyline to go with the gore and mayhem. A narrative surrounding protagonist Riley McClein are interwoven with suspense. The mystery becomes a trait as developing revelations become unexpected. This added feature is most welcome. Survival Horror video games have strayed away from its roots of storytelling. Action heavy sequences are the usual course for this video game genre.

Another interesting factor Roots of Insanity offers are the side missions. Although there’s a predesignated course the player are welcome to venture into optional areas. Crania Games Roots of Insanity

Based on the trailer the graphics for Roots of Insanity does not offer the sense of realism. Most survival Horror titles deliver high-quality textures for both characters and environment. The zombie-like creatures have a rough polygon shape that doesn’t invoke fear. The ambiance is a typical blood-soaked nightmare.

Don’t let the trailer deter judgment. The clip doesn’t serve as a suited introduction for Roots of Insanity. The qualifying factor becomes gameplay and experience.
Roots of Insanity have major qualities that will make this a terrifying gaming experience.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for more developments!


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