Rothschild: The sheep will wake on Steam Early Access

Rothschild: The sheep will wake, initially covered in under the article titled: “Rothschild: The sheep will wake” seeks funds which you can read here. We proudly present the latest update on the Horror Mystery game: “Rothschild: The sheep will wake” is now available via Steam early Access.  Below is the official press kit along with the Steam early access announcement trailer, pre-alpha demo trailer, and stills.

  • Early Access Announcement Trailer:

  • Pre-Alpha Demo Trailer


Rothschild: The Sheep will Wake Official Press Kit


Rothschild: The Sheep will Wake is a procedurally generated first person horror game coming to in which the Rothschild family dominates the world. The player fills the shoes of Jordan Baker, a journalist sent to investigate the hospitalization of Kane Rothschild. Little did he know, this rabbit hole doesn’t end. *You may make as many videos of you or anyone else playing our game, freely distribute them, and may keep any advertising revenue gained through people watching them. We love watching your videos so put them up online anywhere you can! The same goes for screenshots, wallpapers, and fan art reproducing any situations in our game. However, by making any videos, fan art, or screenshots of our game, you give us full rights to do whatever we please with them.


Rothschild: The Sheep will Wake hatched into existence in may of 2015 with a vision to breath life into the horror genre. With a small development team of 4, this is Loudpak Studios first commercial game. After several months of development and the completion of a demo Loudpak Studios turned to Steam Greenlight where Rothschild is currently doing pretty well.



  • Open world environment: Within Rothschild there are no closed door or blocked doors. There are no invisible walls, and you can explore as far and as freely as you dare. What you do and how you go about unfolding the story is completely up to you.
  • Dynamic Horror System: We take great pride in our D.H.S. which allows us to procedurally generate almost everything you encounter in Rothschild. Youll never know what lies beyond the threshold of light.
  • Shhh!!: Plug up your Mic to you can be connected to the game! Make a noise, release a yelp, or murmer a cry… and they will hear. Although this feature is still being perfected and is in still in development were very excited to announce it! And let your worries flee, weve prototype this quite a bit and implementation in a future update is sure to come soon 🙂
  • Skill System: Develop and hone your skills in Rothschild to help you survive, but what perks will you attain? Will you be a sly, stealth investigative journalist with a keen sense of awareness? Or are you more the type to be better at running and hiding?


Based in Arizona, United States

Founding date:
Q4 2015


Press / Business contact:



Windows, Mac

USD $9.99
EUR €9.99
GBP £6.99



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