Sairento VR Science Fiction World With Ninjas, Badassery!

Sairento VR Game Details Mixed Realms Pte Ltd Sairento VR


Mixed Realms Pte Ltd 


Mixed Realms Pte Ltd


Action, First-Person Shooter


Release Date: Currently on Early Access / Full Release on August 2017

Platform: Steam

Game Description:

In Sairento, you play as a member of the Silent Ones – a righteous but covert organization of seemingly ordinary people who practice the long forsaken code and martial arts of the ancient samurais and ninjas. You are tasked with uncovering the sinister secret behind other members of the Silent Ones turning into crazed nano-infected shells of their former self and in the process, fight your way through multitudes of your past comrades.


Virtual reality gaming is etching its way as a new form of gaming. Over the years VR content has matured at a rapid pace. Indie game developers are pushing the envelope more than ever in this next level of entertainment. The graphics for VR systems blur lines between conscious and subconscious. This experience opens the door for a new terror in Horror gaming. Yet, it may be a while before VR games parallel content seen on next gen consoles.

There is no monsters or zombie here and that brings us to the topic at hand. Now on Steam Early Access is the science fiction themed First Person Shooter (FPS); Sairento VR.  This Action-oriented title will release August 2017 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Mixed Realms developed a futuristic setting influenced by Japanese period culture. Cybernetic ninjas, mutated samurais, and robotic geishas are some of the antagonistic force. Based on the trailer embedded above here is our first impression of Sairento VR. Mixed Realms Pte Ltd Sairento VR

First Impressions

Sairento VR delivers some stunning visuals. This title will exceed expectations if the actual in-game footage is presented in the trailer. Mixed Realms excelled in the graphics rendering and gaming engine. This isn’t surprising considering how VR content is in constant evolution.
Based on the trailer the renders mirror that from PlayStation 2 era of technology.

The action sequences are anything but lax. Gamers familiar with this niche of gameplay will find Sairento VR entertaining. Yet, this could be problematic for gamers susceptible to motion sickness or vertigo.

In Sairento VR gamers engage with hordes of enemies. The goal of the game is simple; survive to fight another round. Futuristic weapons are at your disposal. On a personal note assuming the role of a bad-ass ninja is most welcome. Yet, being equipped with firearms becomes the travesty. Gun totting ninjas, seems cliché.

Sairento VR is an immersive experience. According to the Steam profile, the game offers a single player experience. This may or may not change once the game releases. A single player experience may or may not be favorable. This all depends on the level of competitiveness from the individual. Mixed Realms Pte Ltd Sairento VR

“We created Sairento VR as a tribute to action-loving fans who want to experience the iconic “bullet-time” scenes from The Matrix, blended with the slow-motion mayhem of the Max Payne game series, all while looking and feeling as badass as the Bride from Kill Bill.”

Aldric Chang, Founder of Mixed Realms.

Below are excerpts off of the issued press release.

The combat system was tested rigorously amongst gamers, the development team, family, friends, and people practically dragged off the streets, to ensure an intuitive and immersive experience. Get transformed into a mighty warrior with an arsenal of ancient weapons with a futuristic twist and engage an endless horde of enemies across different locations.

To buy or for more information visit the links provided below;

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Official Website

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