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“Syndrome” Upcoming Horror Sci-Fi game..

“Syndrome” is an upcoming survival horror title, featuring schematics gamers have been desperately wanting. Game developers, Camel 101 LLC & Bigmoon Entertainment have created “Syndrome”, a first-person Horror/SciFi video game title. In “Syndrome” players are to engage in quick survival decisions but this is not a run and gun type of scenario. Weapons, ammo and resources are given with limited supply, similar to traditional survival horror game play.  The setting to the survival horror game, “Syndrome” takes place in a claustrophobic confines of a spaceship, the protagonist in which the player is in control of  awakens in a state of confusion, effects of cryogenic stasis, and begins search of the on board crew…it there are any.

The video game description is as follows:

Syndrome is a survival horror game set in the future, where the player controls a character who wakes up in a spaceship, with no memory of what happened.
The spaceship is adrift in space, and most of the crew is dead or insane. The rest is changed…
You’ll need to survive and find out what’s going on and what happened to the crew. Sometimes the hostiles can be taken out, but most of the times the best strategy is
to run and hide. The game is played in first person view. While exploring, the player can pick up and interact with objects like doors, keypads, computer consoles, drawers, machinery, etc and use weapons (both melee and long range). The enemy units are powerful and numerous, which means that the player must be stealthy and evade combat when possible. There are weapons aboard the ship, but ammo is very limited.

“Syndrome” currently seeks green lit status on Steam, and is expected to be released on the following platforms; PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Lunix in 2016. “Syndrome” will also be available in full virtual reality experience on the Oculus Rift system. For further information be sure to check out the “Syndrome” official website.


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