System Shock Retro Video Game Upgraded..

System Shock captivated gamers back in 1994,  a first person shooter role playing video game with elements of Sci-Fi and Horror aesthetics.  The title was developed by Looking Glass Technologies and published by Origin Systems.  Fast forward to the present 22nd of September 2015 an updated version of the game was released, appropriately titled “System Shock: Enhanced”. The developers behind the release comes from Vancouver, Washington based indie game company called Night Dive Studios. Prior to this release After acquiring the right to the “System Shock” franchise Night Dive Studios rose with success exponentially after releasing “System Shock 2″on February 2013 via

Night Dive Studios is a fairly new company with a focus on porting retro games for current PC specifications. With over eighty game titles currently on Valve’s Steam digital distribution service, Night Dive Studios hopes to move from offering revivals to constructing remakes of its own. Their first title slated for a remake is “System Shock”and it is currently under development with the game’s original concept artist Robert Waters.

Night Dive Studios hopes to offer a third installment to the highly acclaimed Sci-Fi / Horror first person shooter role playing game. However, the idea of “System Shock 3” is still on the planning stages. Night Dive’s head of business development, Larry Kuperman had this to say on a possible third installment to the “System Shock” franchise:

“…To really do another game in that series is going to take resources and time and commitment that we don’t have, and it’s really not our core business.”

Nevertheless, Night Dive Studios has a wider agenda one that entails offering retro games to mobile platforms as well. In closing, its best not to anticipate the remake of “System Shock” of its third installment to become available anytime soon. Night Dive Studios is a new company and with new ventures financials are the biggest hurdle for any project.

What’s your opinion on the reboot of “System Shock”?


Source: Fastcompany


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