The Last Crown First of two Sequels Released

The Last Crown Midnight Horror a short Halloween tie-in to the franchise was released ahead of “The Last Crown: Blackenrock” sequel. Developed by indie game developer Jonathan Boakes of Darkling Room, “The Last Crown” is a Horror adventure point and click game that centers on protagonist, Nigel Danvers, a paranormal investigator, deciphering the unknown and the supernatural in the town called Saxton.

“The Last Crown: Midnight Horror” is available now on Steam. As of the time of this writing no announcements have been made over the release of “The Last Crown: Blackenrock”, the next installment of the franchise.  However, its understtod that the game is still in the development phase.

The official synopsis to “The Last Crown: Midnight Horror” reads as follows:

Halloween: the veil between our world and the ‘otherside’ is at its weakest. Witches celebrate Samhain, a Celtic festival from the old religion, conjuring the dead and communing with the spirits. Nigel Danvers, ghost-hunter, knows all about the ghosts that dwell in the darkness, he has seen plenty to convince him there are dark forces at work. So, why is Halloween so different? Dusting down his old ghost-hunting gadgets, Nigel gets to work. Something is haunting the guest rooms above the local harbour side pub, The Bear. Who or what hides in the shadowy corners of the old Inn? What is the presence at the end of the Harbour Wall? Nigel has one night to find out, before the veil returns to full strength, and the Halloween Horror is gone, for another year.

Posted below is “The Last Crown: Midnight Horror” Game-play trailer. Give us your thoughts on this, the next entry to “The Last Crown” series. Utilize the comments fields below to forward your opinions.


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