Gamers worldwide are eagerly awaiting for the sequel to the “The Last of Us”, a critically acclaimed survival horror video game released in 2014.  “The Last of Us” was developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for the Playstation 3 console, and garnered well over two-hundred forty game of the year awards and sold more than six million copies making it one of the top games of the last console generation.

“The Last of Us” centers on a post apocalyptic scenario set in the near future, civilization as we know it today is virtually destroyed  A mutant fungus ravaged the world causing human hosts to transmogrified into cannibalistic creatures.  The protagonists in which the players control are grizzled loner, Joel and a teenage girl named, Ellie.

Rumors of a “The Last of Us” sequel have spread like wildfire over the past few months. Reports centred primarily  on a simple comment made by voice actor Nolan North, who voiced the character, David in “The Last of Us” video game. During a Q&A panel at Metrocon  voice actor Nolan North’s comment was simply:

“I know they’re (Naughty Dog) doing a Last of Us 2.”

However, Naughty Dog has yet to released an official statement on a potential sequel to “The Last of Us”. North’s comments sparked debate among peers and interest among fans. Neil Druckmann member of “The Last of Us” creative team debunked any claims of a sequel during a Reddit AMA session last year, Druckman states:

“We have brainstormed sequel ideas for The Last of Us, and we’ve brainstormed ideas for new games, but all of that is put on ice right now while we work on Uncharted 4.”

Voice actor,Troy Baker who portrays the protagonist , Joel in the video game “The Last of Us”. Speaking during a panel at Indy PopCon, Baker states:  

“I know nothing. I don’t know if we’re gonna do another one or not.”

Soon after the dust had settled on rumors to a potential “The Last of Us” sequel, another incident has now sparked rumors to fly one again. Naughty Dog team; Eric Monacelli, Josh Scherr, and Eric Baldwin were on hand during a livestream for “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection earlier this week (week ending the 18th of September 2015). After the topic of “The Last of Us” surfaced, Josh Scherr suggested inadvertently that a second installment to “The Last of Us” is in fact being developed.  

The video below features the comment in question. Base you own conclusions, fact or nothing more than rumors. Either way “The Last of Us” sequel will probably shatter records as the first one did.  Lest not forget the movie adaptation to “The Last of Us” is slated for production, but that’s a topic for another article





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