Toby: The Secret Mine 

Toby: The Secret Mine Game Details Lukas Navratil Toby and The Secret Mine

Publisher:  Lukas Navratil

Developer: Lukas Navratil 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Puzzle

Release Date: Friday The 20th of January 2017

Platform: Steam

Game Description:


In “Toby: The Secret Mine”, go with little Toby on an eerie adventure in a dark and creepy world full of dangerous situations, enemies, and challenging puzzles. Use our wits; platforming skills and puzzle-solving abilities to bypass mind-bending puzzles while avoiding traps and monsters.

Game review

Toby and the Secret Mine is definitely inspired by limbo and bad land. The art style is so similar they’re identical. Yet, that does not mean the art style is bad. The art style offers pleasing, vibrant aesthetics.

The game is simple. The puzzles are difficult but do not take to long to solve. Toby and the Secret Mine is definitely trailing an error. So you will die a couple of times to solve a couple of puzzles. The game is short and sweet and does not overstay its welcome. Toby and the Secret Mine should take you about two-half hours to complete. Lukas Navratil Toby and The Secret Mine

Final thoughts

Toby and the Secret Mine is an easy game. It is enjoyable. Yet, it can come across as a rip-off of Limbo and Badland. The art style and graphics are gorgeous. The puzzles are not that difficult. The game controls are reality simple. If you are a hardcore puzzle gamer this game is not for you.

Toby and the Secret Mine can be enjoyed if you’re looking for something short and sweet. Give toby secret world a download the game is definitely worth your time. Also, the game is cheap. You can get Toby: The Secret Mine for $3.39 on steam. Lukas Navratil Toby and The Secret Mine

The following is an excerpt from the press release:

Enjoy challenging platforming in beautiful environments with ‘Toby: The Secret Mine’. Get ready for a challenging and otherworldly puzzle platformer inspired by games like Limbo and Badland. A peaceful way of life in a small mountain village is shattered. Someone has kidnapped most of its residents. A few brave souls tried to rescue their friends but none have returned….

Brave little Toby didn’t want to just sit and wait to see what happens next, so he has set about on his own to solve the mystery. Entering the deep forest, he sees this may be an adventure bigger than him, but he won’t stop. Lukas Navratil Toby and The Secret Mine



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