Towaga, an Innovative, Immersive Supernatural Adventure

Towaga Game Details 

Publisher: Sunnyside Sunnyside Games Towaga

Developer: Sunnyside Games

Genre: Action, Adventure

Released Date: January 11h, 2017

Platform: Mobile ( App Store, Google Play)

Game Description:

You play the part of Chimù, a powerful, masked character at the top of the legendary Towaga Tower, where you have to complete a dark and historic ritual that leads to the discovery of ancient worlds while you face up to monsters who are starved of light.


Mysticism is the central theme for Sunnyside Games latest release. The Lausanne-based indie game developer is revolutionizing portable gaming with this title.

Towaga offers artistic visuals, an aesthetic best compared to an Action themed cartoon. In fact, Sunnyside Games garnered funds from a successful crowdfunding campaign. The budget allowed the company to create a 2D cartoon rendering engine. The platform delivers traditional cartoon in video game environments! Sunnyside Games Towaga

In this 2D Action/Adventure, the players control a character with supernatural powers. Exorcisms, monsters and other elements of the unknown become obstacles to missions. Players must finish objectives to solve the mysterious door of the dead.

Sunnyside Games will take feedback into consideration. A slate of updates will roll out based on the critiques and suggestions.

Another interesting factor to the game is the soundtrack. According to the press release, the Wwise audio engine created a unique audio experience. The concept behind the Wwise audio engine has advanced AI qualities. The soundscapes adapt and develop according to the player’s actions. The press release follows by advising the use of an audio headset for complete immersion.

Towaga key features are summed below;

• Unique graphics that are comparable with an animated cartoon

• Challenges that are successfully met

• 5 temples and two playing modes

• An immersive sound experience

• A system of free updates available over the coming months

• Left-handed mode & 60 FPS

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