Until Dawn Devs Neither Confirm or deny DLC

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was undoubtedly confirmed this week as the upcoming DLC (Downloadable Content). Supermassive Games, the developer to the popular PlayStation 4 exclusive Horror title “Until Dawn” denied rumors of working on a DLC as recently as last week. In a AMA Reddit held on the 22nd of October 2015 questions surfaced on the potential release of an accompaniment to the video game “Until Dawn”, each were refuted by Will Byles and Tom Heaton of Supermassive Games. However, once intricate details materialized, descriptions concerning a PlayStation VR game in development titled; “Rush of Blood” Supermassive Games replied:

“We’re not able to discuss these rumors today. Sorry.”

What is Rush of Blood?

The report in question was furnished by anonymous second independent sources and surfaced via online gaming magazine; destructoid.com on the 21st of October 2015. Its unsure how far the development to the “Until Dawn” DLC titled “Rush of Blood” nears completion. What is known is that the game is designed to work with PlayStation VR system and will be formatted as an on-rails first-person shooter. The following is elaborate details furnished via destructoid.com:

Well you get transported around inside a mine cart; it’s very literally an on-rails experience. There are a few scattered jumpscares, as you’d expect, but I played the same 20 minute section twice (once with DS4, once with dual Move controllers), so I’m hoping the full DLC is a lot more padded out. I didn’t see which character I was playing as, I’m not sure if it’s specified, but no names were mentioned at all.

It starts off shooting targets in the snow, then moves toward a house and as you get deeper into the house, enemies start appearing (I believe they were Wendigos). The frequently reused jumpscare is the ‘ghost’ from inside the house in Until Dawn, who you end up fighting for the final area I played. Upon killing the ghost, the game would crash every time.

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