Hyakki Castle, Japanese Themed RPG Now On Steam


Hyakki Castle Japanese Folklore Meets Modern Survival Horror

Hyakki Castle Game Details

DecayMag.com Developer: Asakusa Studios Publisher: Happinet Hyakki Castle

Developer: Asakusa Studios

Publisher: Happinet

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG


Release Date: November 15th, 2017

Platform: PC via Steam 

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Game Description:

A full-scale real-time dungeon RPG exploring a mysterious castle set in the 18th century, during the Edo Period of Japan. Now with a 2 Party System where you can divide into parties and move separately, a feature not seen up until now in real-time dungeon RPGs. New strategies and ways of solving puzzles by dividing the party and attacking enemies, a new evolution of real-time dungeon RPGs!

DecayMag.com Developer: Asakusa Studios Publisher: Happinet Hyakki Castle


Ancient Japanese combine with evil folklore to create Hyakki Castle. The backdrop to this supernatural-themed game is set against 18th century Japan, the Edo Period to be exact. Hyakki Castle released this week on PC via Steam. A special promotional offer is now in effect, act now for twenty percent (20%) the total purchase. Instead of modern blood and gore visuals, Asakusa Studios provided a cohesive aesthetic by establishing haunting imagery using Ukiyoe art style.

In Hyakki Castle players must transverse the corridors to a haunted castle where unholy creatures now roam. Teamwork is the goal towards survival and Asakusa Studios asserts this with a two-party gameplay system. Players must strategize attacks with teams that may consist in any of the following warriors; ninjas, samurais, or monks. Hyakki Castle is a real-time dungeon Role Playing Game (RPG). Each character has specific attributes and classes that level up as the story progresses.

The aim of Hyakki Castle is to defeat the ominous Lord of Hyakki Castle! Do you accept the challenge?

DecayMag.com Developer: Asakusa Studios Publisher: Happinet Hyakki Castle


•The 2 Party System is a new system in which the parties can be divided.

•It is possible to divide the parties of 4 into 2 parties (2:2 people or 1:3 people) at any given time. (* Only when party is together.)

•Divide your team into 2 parties and take out strong enemy monsters with a pincer attack, or lure enemies with 1 party while getting items with the other. New strategies that have never been seen before in real-time dungeon RPGs!

“All of us are particularly enthusiastic for the opportunity to add our contribution to the dungeon RPG genre, creating a thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful experience…”

“We’re proud that Hyakki Castle showcases the deep roots of Japan’s rich folklore and hope it delivers an exceptional and gratifying experience to RPG fans around the world.”

Masaru Saito, Producer at Happinet.


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