Paranormal Evidence, NextVR Offers Third Installment VR Ghost Hunting


Paranormal Evidence 3: Missouri State Penitentiary Available on All Platforms

Paranormal Evidence 3: Missouri State Penitentiary: Full Details


Paranormal Evidence 3: Missouri State Penitentiary is NextVR’s third installment in their Paranormal Evidence series. Released on Friday, July 13th, 2018 NextVR has made this highly anticipated episode available on all compatible platforms. It was initially exclusively on Daydream by Google.

Paranormal Evidence is a Virtual Reality investigation exploring the unexplained phenomena reported at notoriously haunted locations. The original program developed by NextVR pulls fans into the investigation as events unfold around them.

The episode is an unsettling investigation at Missouri State Penitentiary, once known as “the bloodiest 47 acres in America” for its deadly riots and grisly murders. Lead investigator Jack Kassewitz, who has years of investigative journalism and linguistics experience, took his team to the abandoned prison that is known for paranormal activity. Kassewitz provided the investigators with historical artifacts, based on months of research, to trigger paranormal activity in specific areas of the prison. The facility far surpassed its reputation for unexplained phenomena as the team experienced bizarre voices, multiple touches, and a physical attack.

Press Release NextVR, Paranormal Evidence 3: Missouri State PenitentiaryNextVR has gone above and beyond in this exciting virtual reality experience. Viewing the short trailer clip, it immerses people in an experience that looks and feels like you are a part of the episode. The visuals are astounding, transcending between contrasts in color schemes.

For advocates of paranormal investigation, this concept is major. To visit such haunted locations and experience real sightings and haunting is always nice. By the same token, a simulated experience as advanced as this virtual reality concept is also as good as it gets.

Known as “The bloodiest 47 acres in America”, Missouri State Penitentiary has an infamous dark history. Places like this make for great these events and experiences, and likewise, for virtual reality. For more information on the history of Missouri State Penitentiary, visit the Official Site.

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