Visage, Indie Game to Launch Crowdfunding

Visage, is the next interactive medium to capture interest among Horror gaming enthusiasts. The project is the brainchild from indie game developers at SadSquare Studio. “Visage” embarks on a different path from available horror titles. For instance, the designers substituted ritualistic viscera with tension laced visuals.The player is thrust into a nightmarish world bordering reality and  illusion. Yet, it is in its subtlety that the game offers true horror. 3D Rendered environments mirror any real life house of nightmares. Haunting soundscapes is another component to the game that enhances the terrifying experience.

“Visage” is best described as an atmospheric horror game.  A revitalization of survival horror titles from  yesteryear. In recent years major game development studios chose to fuse action cinematics within horror games. The marketing decision was an attempt to foster sales by targeting a wider demographic. The move has proven fatal for the survival horror gaming genre. Horror game franchises have fallen victim to declining sales. A poor reception attributed to the money influenced marketing decisions. Action driven survival horror almost decimated the genre.


Notable survival horror titles serves as influce to SadSquare Studio’s “Visage”. One Honorable mention is the now defunct survival horror venture by Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro and Konami. Despite these creative roots and motivations a comparison to each is unfair. “Visage” will stand alone from released, current or other projects under development. The title SadSquare Studio are working on should note as a contribution not an emulation. Posted on the company’s Official website is a suitable comment for this topic. The quote aims to quell criticism from those in the gaming community. The statement reads as follows:

..That said, we’re not trying to become merely some kind of P.T. successor. …We’re driven by the lack of truly terrifying games on the market…

The developers at SadSquare Studio want to introduce and redefine horror gaming with “Visage”. Heart pounding tension and psychological Horror are elements that are lacking in today’s releases. SadSquare Studio aim to resurrect these much sought after experiences back into gaming.


As with all creative dreams, aspirations and endeavors the key element relies on funding. SadSquare Studio will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for  “Visage”. The project is traveling at steady pace with development. on October 2015 “Visage” was greenlit by the Steam Community. In November, SadSquare Studio announced artwork by Jarek Kubicki will play a key role in the game. In December, soundtracks posted gave a sense of what to expect for ambiance.  This is a game to keep eyes and place money on.

In closing

The trailer provided below is an alpha version of the game “Visage”. The video serves as a promotional tool to entice prospective backers. There’s still much to do on the development and production. Take a moment to review the footage to gain a sense of what SadSquare Studio will offer. Horror gaming enthusiasts take note. “Visage” is a game to look out for! Be sure to follow the team’s progress via social network platforms.

Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter

SadSquare Studio Website

Visage  Website

Stay tuned to for more developments as it becomes available.


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