VR Gaming To Revolutionize Horror?

VR is the next evolution in gaming. The experience will redefine video gaming experience t it’s core. Although still in its infancy the technology is maturing at a rapid rate. In 2016 consumers will have a cornucopia of gadgets to choose from.

These products will have close relation to the delivery of engaging Horror themed content. Yet, as with any new invention comes concerns for debate. There’s a division among game developers on creating Horror content for the gaming community. Let’s begin with a brief summary of the line up of VR gaming devices.

VR Devices

The design to these systems is about engagement. Simulations will put the player within the game environment. Unlike today’s available gaming platforms. Virtual reality devices will toy with the player’s audio and visual senses. No longer will gamers be sitting idle, twiddling thumbs over bulky controllers. The player will react to a computer generated 3-D environment mapped to room scale.

Major developments have erupted at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). Tech giants offered demonstrations and insight to their respected line of Virtual realitydevices. Sony made waves in the gaming community with the unveiling to PlayStation VR. The product will launch October 2016. PlayStation VR are offering a competitive priced product within the Virtual reality gaming market. The affordability will push sales for the device.

The Oculus Rift VR headset/device would be available to the general public in March 2016. Samsung also enters the VR gaming market with Samsung’s Gear. HTC will offer Vive. The Steam /Valve/ HTC VR device will be available sometime in April 2016.

This leads us to the second installment to this article. There’s mixed opinions on the development of Horror content for VR platforms. Opinions vary on exploiting VR technology to its full potential for Horror themed games. Most are in favor establishing heart-pounding concepts. Others resort to toning down Horror VR experiences.

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