Wailing Heights, A Story Driven Horror Musical

Wailing Heights is an upcoming video game from independent game development studio Outsider Games. The company was formed In 2011 by the creative duo of comic and game artist Stephen Downey and game developer, Scott Grandison.  Outsider Games have worked on many high profile projects including assignments for The British Broadcasting Corporation and Canadian-American film production/distribution studio, Lionsgate films. In their latest project the team offers a story driven melange of horror and music delivered in first person game play perspective.

In “Wailing Heights” players assume to role of protagonist Frances Finklestein,  manager of fifty years to a popular British band called; “The Deadbeats”. The story evolves to find Frances Finklestein incarcerated in a mysterious town called “Wailing Heights”. The population consists of :

“vegan werewolves, hipster vampires, soul­singing zombies and all manner of civic­minded taxpaying ghostly inhabitants.”

Also residing in the town of “Wailing Heights” are the presently deceased members of “The Deadbeats”. The game play consist of Frances Finklestein venturing across the town with the obejctive of getting the band back together for a reunion gig. However, its not as easy as it seems. “Wailing Heights” is not keen on members of the living. Utilizing a “body hopping” skill, the player must utilize (possess) the various townspeople to achieve the ultimate goal. The unique skill set enables the protagonist to vacate body to body. This enables control of the host which could be a ghost, a vampire, a zombie or werewolf.

By the synopsis and footage (trailer provided below) “Wailing Heights” has the trappings of an award winning video game. The concept is unique, game play is addictive, phenomenal graphics and let’s not forget its a horror musical. “Wailing Heights” was written by Kevin Beimers, writer,director and bunch of other-stuff-er (yes this is his “job title”) at indie game developer company, Italic Pig.

Slated for an early 2016 release for PC,  as of yet no official date has been issued. Stay Tuned.

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