20 Seconds To Live Analysis

20 seconds to live

Release Date: Available now on Youtube

Release: July 2015

MPAA Rating: n/a

Horror Sub-genre: Horror Anthology

Synopsis: Scripted anthology series where characters meet their untimely demise in various twisted, fun, and oftentimes gory situations.


The Horror Anthology concept is arguably one of the most entertaining visual medium in the genre. Over the years, Horror Anthology concepts have had a strong presence on television. TV programs offered its own distinct brand of horror with accounts varying from the supernatural to psychological Thrillers to gory Slashers. Recently, Horror Anthology concepts are reaching a wider audience via independently produced films and is specifically  via webisodes.  With the benefits of social networking  many indie writers, producers and filmmakers have sought the internet as a delivery platforms.

“20 Seconds to Live” is a seven episodic Horror Anthology web series created collaboratively by Ben Rock (who also directs) and Bob DeRosa (penning the scripts). Serving as producer to “20 Seconds to Live” is Cat Pasciak. Each episode of “20 Seconds to Live”presents a different story, circumstance and set of characters. The interconnecting premise centers on the final twenty seconds of some unfortunate character’s demise. There are instances of cleverly infused comedy that from utter surprise guarantees facepalm reactions from the viewer.

Immediately conjured to mind after watching “Anniversary”, (the first episode to “20 Seconds to Live”) is the now cancelled Horror Anthology television show that recreated unusual deaths.  However, the similarities between both mediums cease with the overall premise. “20 Seconds to Live” is distinct for its fleshed out story narratives.

Episodes to the Horror Anthology web series, “20 Seconds to Live” run less than three minutes in length, with entertainment value excelling within the limited time frame. The first season debuted back in July 2015 and is absolutely free to view at Ariescope.com or via Ariesscope Youtube Channel.


The series itself is a prime example of creative minds working in conjunction to create a phenomenal end product. The acting is offered with professional skill, viewers will not be subjected to poorly D grade type acting skills.

The series as a whole is very addictive, the unfortunate circumstances are so intriguing one can’t stop but watch episodes after the next.”20 Seconds to Live”is guaranteed as a binge watching experience. The twenty second countdown superimposed on screen is cleverly applied in giving a sense of anticipation for the episode’s climatic end.


Amazingly, there are no cons. the Horror Anthology web series, “20 Seconds to Live” met our extremely high expectations as a viewer and horror critic.

In conclusion:

Set aside a brief moment, gather some co-workers during lunch or set a date with that special horror fan in your life and binge watch the Horror Anthology web series, “20 Seconds to Live”. The web series is one of those must see independently produced mediums that merit promotion and acclaim. In fact, we here at DecayMag.com are eagerly awaiting for season two to become available.

Special Thanks to Ben Rock for messaging DecayMag.com on Twitter about on this opportunity to review “20 Seconds to Live” .



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  • 21-30 -Good
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  • 81-90 – Amazing
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