5 Compelling Horror Narrators On YouTube

5 of the most popular Horror YouTube narrators are compiled. This list serves as an introduction of the popular Horror medium on YouTube. Be sure to explore and discover storytellers of your own. Have a suggestion be sure to comment your additions in the comment field below.

1. Corpse Husband

DecayMag.com Corpse Husband


To kick this list off let’s start with Corpse Husband. When it comes to horror stories this guy has it all. Corpse Husband has a wide variety of stories and they range as follows;

• True stories

• Reddit creepy pasta

• Viewer submissions

and a variety of other sources.

Corpse Husband is well known for his very deep, distinguishable hypnotic voice. His approach to reading horror stories becomes entertaining and frightening for the listeners. Corpse Husband’s stories are not for the faint of heart. His voice mixed with the topics and visuals of his channel are disturbing and awesome. He is one of the best horror narrators on YouTube.

2. Be Busta

DecayMag.com Be Busta


Be Busta is one of the juggernauts of the horror narration scene. His channel has become one of the most known horror narration channels on YouTube. Be Busta has a cult-like following and a ton of unique horror narrations. His narrations offer different topics on deep web horror stories. The “my friend ruined my life” series is addictive. Be Busta is a gifted narrator with his smooth scented voice. Be Busta continues to scare and hypnotize his subscribers. If you’re a horror fan you need to check his channel out.

3. Doctor Horror

DecayMag.com Doctor Horror


Doctor Horror is another talented horror narrator. He has a deep low toned voice that sends chills down your spine. Doctor horror’s voice is mesmerizing and masculine. With a huge channel full of content you need to give him a listen. Doctor horror has a huge following a wide variety of horror stories. Topics ranging from:

• True Horror Stories

• Unsolved Mysteries

• Paranormal

• Creepypasta

Doctor Horror, this guy is the real deal in Horror storytelling

4. Lady White Rabbit

DecayMag.com Lady White Rabbit


There are few female horror narrators on YouTube. Luckily Horror enthusiast has Lady White Rabbit. She delivers detailed horror stories and Creepypastas with a calm chilling voice. Lady White Rabbit definitely has her own unique style when it comes to Horror narrations. She also has a slate of interesting series. Lady White Rabbit is definitely a talented narrator that’s not just my opinion. Her channel is growing fast that is evidence enough.

5. Mr. Spooky


Mr. Spooky’s voice may sound comparable to a game show or reality star host but don’t become fooled. He is another very talented narrator. Mr. Spooky’s YouTube channel many subscribers and a ton of content. He also has a wide variety of videos covering;

• True crime

• Creepypastas

and much more

Give this guy a chance and a listen.


  1. I love Corpse Husband. My favorite stories by him are the Dark Web stories. “The Day I Quit Hacking” and “The Day I Hired A Hitman”. I’ve listened to both of these stories several times.

  2. 1 creepypasta Jr
    2 king spook
    3 chilling tales for dark nights
    4 natenator
    5 Dr creepen
    6 Mr creepypasta
    7 creeps mcpasta
    8 corpse husband
    9 let’s read
    10 Jeff clement

  3. mr nightmare
    be busta
    corpse husband
    blue spooky
    those are all my favorites go check them all ocasionally ill listen to lazy masquarade

  4. Being Scared
    Blue Spooky
    Corpse Husband
    Darkness Prevails
    Dr. Horror
    Let’s Read
    Mr. Davis
    Mr. Nightmare
    Mr. Spooky
    Phantom Librarian
    The Horror Dimension
    Unit #522

  5. Silver Studio is a small channel but his voice is so smooth it’s relaxing and chilling at the same time he gives me goosebumps!

  6. As a horror narrator myself – kindly mentioned by a couple of people – I try to listen to as many other narrators as I possibly can. Thanks to those who’ve commented; I have some new narrators to draw inspiration from!

    • I love your channel. I binged listen while at work on night shift. Sometimes I get freaked out. We have 6 people on night shift in a giant warehouse. We hardly run in to each other except for lunch.
      Thank You for scaring me.

  7. I just discovered this new upcoming narrator that is fantastic! Check out Sinister Graves. He has a deep smooth voice that perfectly creates the horror scenes. He is releasing weekly content and uses peoples real-life stories! You can even submit your own! Highly recommend.

    • Agree! horrorbabble has amazing talent! He can change his voice completely for different characters. Also, GM Danielson is super good! Oh, and Sir Ayme, and Cornbread’s campfire!

  8. I think the dark somnium should be on this list. He is so talented. Dr. Creepen is too. Be is one of my favs. Creepsmcpasta is really good too.

  9. Be.Busta
    Caliegh Elise
    Corpse Husband (if he’s still working)
    Phantom Librarian (miss this guy!)
    Lazy Masquerade
    Blue Spooky
    Killer Orange Cat

  10. Ok it’s for sure Mr. Nightmare or Corpse Husband. The way the both of them narrate and the fact that their voice are deep but not extremely deep makes them amazing narrators. Also their content all in all is extremely entertaining all in all. But out of those two I’d choose Corpse Husband.

  11. IMHO, Dr Creepen is in a class by himself. Not only is his voice perfect, he lays down an intimate vibe that I haven’t found anywhere else. Listening to his narrations is akin to sinking into a well worn leather chair in front of a fire.

  12. The channels I consistently find myself listening to are:

    Naturestemper (#1 – Love this guy’s voice & delivery)
    Creepy Pod
    Lady McCreepsta
    Dr Creepen
    Creeps Mcpasta
    Creepypasta Jr
    Dark Somnium
    Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

    …And anything written by Tobias Wade or narrated by Otis Jiry gets an automatic yes vote from me.

    One narrator that I have TRIED to like (Dear Cthulhu have I tried…) is Mr. Creeps. His production is solid, his story selection is great. I just CANNOT stand his voice for some reason. The guy works hard at it I’m sure. I just can’t stand that breathy / surfer-boy upspeak (or whatever it is he has going on.)

  13. You can not have a “smooth scented voice.” Unless you’re implying that Busta’s voice somehow smells smooth, and you detect this through your earholes.

  14. We have the same #1!!

    *Corpse Husband is a legend, end of story. He IS, without a doubt, THE BEST narrator I have EVER had the pleasure of stumbling across. It kinda sucks that he doesn’t post TOO often; however, I’d choose quality over quantity ANY day….its easy to notice that the other horror content creators that are putting out content nearly every single day, or several times per week–they probably get burned out; worse, I’m sure they must scramble to put content out at times–when you make 5+ videos per week, EVERY WEEK, I think its safe to say that since you’ve already covered such a vast amount of available horror stories (and/or true crime, creepypastas, the paranormal, aliens, and/or cryptozoology subjects [such as Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, La Chupacabra, etc.] urban legends, etc., etc.), you MUST end up scraping the bottom of the barrel from time to time, so I can understand your content suffering on that note.) Having said ALL of that, Corpse Husband is FOR SURE my #1…he had me for life when he gave me “My Job at the Psych Ward” (do yourself a favor: https://youtu.be/-_ygvfqXvfI)

    Next up is NaturesTemper & Gloomy House, who BOTH come in together in a very close 2nd place choice…

    *NaturesTemper’s voice is exactly like using silk and/or velvet earbuds when listening to his stories, & has some of the BEST stories/series I have EVER heard (check out the “Cerber” series, as well as “I Met Someone Who Claimed to be The Devil…and I Think I Believe Her”–he hooked me with THAT one!).

    *Gloomy is of Latino decent, w/a VERY strong accent…not only does he work very hard on putting out super original content, but he covers ALOT of those stories you run across & REALLY want to check out, but its all in Spanish, so theres practically a WHOLE genre there that you never hear about.

    *Rob Gavagan, (formerly Rob Dyke, of “Seriously Strange”, “Twisted Tens”, etc.–I have NO IDEA how that man doesn’t have his own TV show yet!)

    *The Paranormal Scholar (a female!), and *Sir Spooks (whom is a bit different, in the sense that he DOES put out quite a bit of content, but all VERY original content…def NOT scraping the bottom of the barrel, but literally COMBING through the internet & finding tons of stories & videos that you’ve NEVER SEEN until now…he does a GREAT JOB with that) all make the cut as well.

    So that would be MY top 5, even though theres actually 6 of them…a few honorable mentions would be *Obsolete Oddity & *Weird World(lots of paranormal, true-crime, & just plain creepy topics that originate not only deep in the past, but outside of the US–mostly from Europe…Weird World has alot of reincarnation/glitch in the matrix-type stories). If I’m more in the mood for some serial killer/true-crime stories, *Criminally Listed & *Dark Matter do not disappoint. Also, I JUST recently found Unit #522, and so far, is well on its way to being high on my personal list!!

    I’m glad I came across this list, though! Most of these channels (not only on your list, but in the comments as well), are brand new to me, & ones that I have never even HEARD OF, so I will be looking forward to checking them all out!


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