Christmas Cheer? No, Holiday Horror Instead!

Christmas is here. Tis the season for Holiday themed horror films. While many are feasting on pernil, arroz con gandules and pasteles (Latino Holiday Cuisine) and/or drinking coquito (Latino Holiday beverage) and/or exchanging gifts. For Horror connoisseurs, its time for watching homicidal Santa running wild, crazed snowmen, zombie reindeer or any other Christmas themed horror movies.

Below are a couple of holiday horror, seasonal scares, festive frights short films that are bound to bring some cheer, thrills and chills on Christmas Day.

The Harvest

Not to be confused with the 2013 Fantasy/Thriller feature film.  The 3D animated Horror short titled: “The Harvest” was created by Latino Director, Jorge jaramillo. The film is a render of exquisite modern animation visual, a guaranteed nerve inducing Thriller.

The synopsis to “The Harvest” is as follows:

On Christmas Eve, a little girl is woken up by a noise. Thinking it’s Saint Nicholas leaving her presents, she walks through the darkness of the living room, only to find that something has taken over her house. Now, she must try to escape before this evil presence gets her.

The film can be seen in its entirety below:

Here Comes Santa

Uploaded to Vimeo two years ago from its director and producer, Chris Thomas, “Here Cmes Santa” is an all time favorite entry to the Christmas Horror theme.  Written by Richard Standen with Lee Thoms, Director of Photography, the film stars Oscar Malcolm as the boy and Tom Stanley as Santa. This is one Horror short not to be missed!

The synopsis to “Here Comes Santa” is as follows:

A young boy waiting up for Santa Claus gets more than he bargains for.

The film can be seen in its entirety below:

Also be sure to check out the creepy Christmas horror short from Luchagores, a film so intricately done I had to write up a short film review about it.

Have any Christmas themed Horror short films to recommend? Forward your finding using the fields below.


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