Dead Town Episode One on YouTube

Dead Town, Season one, Episode debut on YouTube on the 31st of January 2016. The project is an indie production we here at have closely monitored. Back in October 2015 we  published an article on the project summary to “Dead Town”.  Series writer and director Peter McKeirnon had launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The goal was to gain enough funds to cover production costs for extra episodes.

Fast forward several months into the future and we now have episode one available for the masses. “Dead Town” piques  interest on many levels. The UK based series combines Action, Comedy and Horror. Offering diversity in content opens the door for a wider audience. Fans of the Zombie sub-genre take note, “Dead Town” will be the next big medium. Don’t take our word for it. Take a moment to view the video provided above and see for yourself. Running in under ten minutes “Dead Town” episode one offers antics and the undead. The segment is  professionally shot and creatively presented.  The presentation is bound to amass a cult following.

The description to “Dead Town” reads as follows:

“…the adventures of beleaguered father and mayonnaise factory worker-turned zombie slayer John Diant, his retro sidekick 80s Dave and survivalist Butty, as they take on the marauding hordes roaming familiar Runcorn streets.”

The crowdfunding campaign ended forty- five percent shy of the total goal. Its unclear if more episodes will be offered in the near future. Expect a full analysis on the complete season one after availability is issued. Stay tuned to for more information on this British indie comedy Horror. Be sure to subscribe to “Dead Town”  YouTube Channel. Also available for sale on Amazon is the “Welcome to Dead Town” a novel that serves as an accompaniment to the web series.



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