“Dead Town” a Youtube Web Series

Dead Town  is an upcoming YouTube video series written and directed by Peter McKeirnon. The premise of the web series “Dead Town” is based off of the bestselling E-book comedy horror series, “Death in a Northern Town” written by Peter Mckeirnon himself.  The synopsis of the web series “Dead Town” centers on;

the adventures of beleaguered father and mayonnaise factory worker-turned zombie slayer John Diant, his retro sidekick 80s Dave and survivalist Butty, as they take on the marauding hordes roaming familiar Runcorn streets.

Producers have launched a crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGogo  with the goal of accruing $4642.50 (Conversion from British Pounds) . The Campaign as of the time of this writing has over twenty-five days left, and have acquired funding at a trickling pace. With filming complete on the pilot episode the accrued funds from Indiegogo will go towards production costs for two additional episodes. Producers of the web series “Dead Town” provided a brief summary where donations would go towards:

..funding is for SFX materials (It’s not all just fake blood and latex!), production costs such as hiring equipment, locations and travelling expenses. Funding is also for marketing. so that we can spread the undead word and let everyone know that our Dead Town is ALIVE!

If you wish to contribute towards this Horror Comedy web series or for more information on the project, visit the “Dead Town” IndieGogo page. If you’re unable to donate, the producers of the “Dead Town” web series advise:

We know this is a lot and we are understanding that not everyone will be able to contribute financially to our production and if you cannot, then all we are asking for is a “like” or “share” on Facebook every now and then!

Featured below are promo videos for the “Dead Town” Zombie Web Series

Source: Indiegogo


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