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Horror Haiku: Museum, The: Seraph Films: Series Details 

Creators: Gene Blalock, James Boring

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller


Seraph Films’ Horror Haiku series is back with an all new season, The Museum! Building on the series’ tradition of transforming viewer-submitted haikus into horror vignettes, the latest season invites viewers to submit original, terrifying poems all while exploring the mystery of a dangerous, paranormal museum.

With a new host, new poems, and a chilling new mystery, Horror Haiku: The Museum will turn your nightmares into a reality.


Horror Haiku will be returning for a fifth season with the newest feature The Museum. The long-running TV Series is written, directed, and produced by Seraph Films.

Produced by Seraph Films, the television series is a weekly short series where you write the episodes. If you want your story to be entered, make sure you subscribe to Seraph Films L.L.C. YouTube Channel.

A Haiku is a short poem of Japanese origin. It has a meter of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables.

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Gene Blalock (Creator/Director/Writer)

Seraph Films collaborate with creative voices in the genre to come up with dark, chilling short films based on poems. The Haikus are created by fans of the YouTube page. Each video is filled with mystery and leaves just enough to satisfy the viewer, but also to leave the viewer wanting more.

Last Rights centers a man is taken hostage by a man wearing a mask, who demands him to tell him about the museum.

Good Fences, Good Neighbors centers a man who comes home to find it has been broken into. When the police arrives and he tells them the story, he finds out when was delusional.

A Little Dark Reading centers a young woman is reading from a dark book. Later that evening, a dark presence appears before her.

1. What Is The Museum?

The short television series is back with The Museum. But you must be a part of the experience. Submit your Haiku in the comments.

2. Figure It Out Yet?

Have you figured out your Haiku yet? If so, submit it in the comments.

3. What Does It Mean?

What does five, seven, five mean? It can mean many different things. Find out in The Museum. Coming soon.

4. Last Rites

Stars John C. Epperson, Nick Somers

5. Good Fences, Good Neighbors

Stars Derrick Scott, Crispin Rosenekranz, Nick Somers

6. A Little Dark Reading

Stars Lily Blavin, Irina Skaya, Aly Wolff-Mills


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