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Killer Party  is a unique entry to the constantly evolving Horror genre. Derived collaboratively from the creative minds of Amin Osman and Greg Karber, “Killer Party” encapsulates elements of a Slasher concept, Murder Mystery and Comedy. Yet, what sets this project apart from similarly introduced Horror-Comedies is the fact that “Killer Party” is also a musical…yes a musical! In addition, the finished product will be released as a thirteen episodic web series. The distribution platform itself makes the story-driven project even more interesting, a horror medium to look forward to. To have an idea of what Amin Osman and Greg Karber propose to offer, take a look at video footage from the sold-out concert reading at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

However, as with most independently produced projects, the need for financial support is a crucial for making dreams into a reality. Amin Osman and Greg Karber have joined the flux of independent artists, producers and writers seeking support for their uniquely driven concepts. “Killer Party” is currently listed on Kickstarter in hopes of capturing public interest and most importantly public support. With only thirteen days remaining (from the publication date of this article) pledges are inching closer to the overall goal of ten thousand dollars. To assist in funding and for more information on the indie production “Killer Party” please access the following link: Killer Party: A Horror Comedy Musical Mystery Webshow.

Adequate promotion through various social media platforms is the basis for a successfully crowdfunded project. When Greg Karber contact on news of his co-created project “Killer Party” it was our pleasure to not only provide a platform for coverage but also gain insight on the Horror-comedy concept.

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Q&A with “Killer Party” creators: Amin Osman & Greg Karber

Note: After unforeseen technical issue on our end with Skype, the following interview was conducted with the unorthodox method of a chat session. Special Thanks  to Amin Osman and Greg Karber for the opportunity and time for this exclusive interview.

The following questions were answered by Amin Osman & Greg Karber

  • The concept of your project (“Killer Party”) follows the time-tested Slasher horror algorithm, what will set your project apart from the rest?”

The biggest difference is that it’s a musical. So, you’ll see all of the classic tropes of the horror/slasher genre, but with singing. And because of that, when characters sing, we’re able to get inside their heads a little and understand their emotions, hopes, and fears, in a way that’s deeper and less disposable. You’ll have a lot more sympathy and love for the characters, because you’ll really get to know them before they’re killed….

Also, the show is told in 13 pieces, but they all take place over a single night. So this allows us to bounce back-and-forth in time, letting us see an event from multiple perspectives. Just because a character dies early in the show doesn’t mean you won’t see their side of the story later on.

  • In the Kickstarter campaign it reads:  “become a part of a community of detectives who will laugh, sing, and scream as you crack the Killer Party case” does that hint that it will be a whodunit slasher series? If so what will the engagement of the viewer be?

Yes! It’s definitely a whodunnit. In fact, one of the songs is actually called “Whodunnit.” Every character will appear (at some point) to have a motive and opportunity to kill. And once we’re airing the show, we’re going to encourage audience debate and discussion about the killer.

That’s why one of the Kickstarter rewards is a “Digital Clue Pack,” which will be a collection of photos, transcripts, and other clues, that will not only be funny, and enrich your knowledge of the characters, but will also give the audience something to debate and discuss.

We’re also going to have a sort of mini-show in between episodes, where we discuss fan theories, big clues, and other evidence that points to the identity of the killer

  • Based on the combined backgrounds in the creative field between yourself and Amin Osman how does Killer Party fall from prior projects?

Greg’s background is in Internet comedy and mystery writing, whereas Amin comes at the project from a love of slasher films and his background in musicals, thanks to his experience working for Hollywood and Broadway producers. Together, we’ve found a middle-ground that allows the project to exist as both a funny Internet video and a legitimate piece of musical theater.

  • Will there be any special guests (actors, musicians) involved in any of the episodes? Also, can you share some insight on the performers involved and what experience they will bring?

We’ve got some fun ideas planned, regarding special guests, but it depends on how much money we raise. One of the great things about Killer Party is that, because it has a big cast, there are plenty of opportunities for fun cameos.

Our core cast is a collection of Los Angeles up-and-comers, who have experience in the local musical theater scene, as well as film and television.

  • Aside from financial aspect what are the other challenges faced into bringing Killer party to fruition? and How if anyway can fans help?

The biggest challenge is combining the genres. Horror and comedy are often difficult to combine, even more so when you add songs. Horror and comedy and musicals are separate genres with specific fan-bases. We want to break down the walls between these genres, pleasing fans of all of them, while introducing them to genres they might not otherwise watch. We’d love for fans of musicals to see our project and fall in love with the horror genre, too.

Fans can help by visiting by sharing the Kickstarter with their friends or on social media, or by making any contribution whatsoever. If you donate just one dollar, we’ll put your name in the credits and post a musical shout-out on our Twitter account (@KillerPartyShow). Also, we have some great Kickstarter rewards for people who donate more, including the soundtrack, T-shirts, original songs, and even the ability to appear in the show!

  • Is there an opportunity for someone to volunteer on your project as opposed to donating?

Yes! If people subscribe to our mailing list, which they can do at: Subscription link, we’ll be sending out calls for help with the production as it develops. We’re definitely going to need talented and passionate people. But right now, the best way people can help is by sharing the project with their friends and family, or by making any contribution to the Kickstarter.

  • What will be the final distribution point for Killer Party for example: (self hosted site , YouTube, Vimeo), in addition can we foresee a local broadcast premier via screening?

We’re still looking into different platforms for the release. But right now, people can view videos of the sold-out concert reading on our YouTube playlist, which is available at this link: Killer Party Youtube Playlist

…and while the initial release will be online and available for everyone, we’re going to recut the series as a feature film with additional scenes, and have a physical premiere of that, either in Los Angeles or at a film festival.

While we conceived of it primarily as a multi-part series, with cliffhangers and to-be-continueds, we think that it has great potential as a feature film, and want to make sure people who miss the initial release get a chance to experience it, as well.

  • With only 13 days left in the crowdfunding campaign, with results inching towards the intended goal what is running through the minds of the creative team?

A strange combination of happiness and fear. We’re so thankful to all of the people who’ve already pledged. We’ve always loved and believed in this project, and it’s so exciting to see that other people do, too. However, we can’t lie and say it doesn’t cause a certain amount of stress and anxiety. We’ll be very relieved when we hit our goal!





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