Paz Vs. Stuff, Fillers Substitute Mystery, Thriller Context

Paz Vs. Stuff: YouTube Series Details Chris Regan. Paz Vs Stuff

Director: Chris Regan

Writer: Chris Regan

Release Date: 2014

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: Varies


Paz vs Stuff is an interactive transmedia horror story about an aspiring YouTube star whose content is derailed when her biggest fan becomes her biggest troll. As the cyberstalking intensifies Paz begins to suspect that there is more to her antagonist than a few mean remarks on Twitter and she soon unravels a mystery that leads her into the dark heart of the internet.


Paz Vs. Stuff is an on-going Horror, Thriller mini vlogger series on YouTube. The series is directed by Chris Regan. He also writes the script, as well as serving as Producer and Editor.

The cast stars

Paz: Cheryl Burniston

Jack: Guy Steddon

Helen Nazimova: Jordan Gray

George Reece: Himself

Beth: Beth Symons

Kitty: Kitty Underhill

Kerren: Kerren Garner

Robin: Robin Hodges

For more information, visit BrothersRegan, Blogspot, Twitter.

Paz is the star of the series. In each segment, she presents various topics such as personal interests. The videos start out cheerful and positive. As it progresses the content becomes intense. Paz becomes the victim of a cyberbully, an internet stalker/troll. She then notices a mysterious stranger lurking on her street, taunting her. Realizing the strange creeper is the cyber-bully, Paz decides to pursue him. To catch or learn more about her stalker is also the goal. Chris Regan. Paz Vs Stuff


The social commentary and interactive approach are innovative. Paz makes you feel like you are in her shoes, as she puts the viewer in the videos. She talks to the viewer while she is recording; asking questions and for advice. She has an interactive Q&A session with the subscribers of the channel. This gives the videos a feeling of authenticity.

The practical and special effects are decent. The score is good. It’s simple and catchy.

Paz is a fictional character, but the subscribers on the channel appear to think she’s real. This is a great marketing approach and a great way to get followers. The YouTube channel has almost 2 thousand subscribers as of today. Paz is one of the biggest and most popular YouTube sensations right now. This is quite an exciting success. Chris Regan. Paz Vs Stuff


The plot behind Paz Vs. Stuff is interesting and has potential. However, it takes an unnecessary amount of time to get to the “good stuff”. The first 10 or so videos are very random and basic. Paz passes the time with ordinary conversations about random things.

This, of course, is not the issue. The problem is the synopsis. The description makes this production seem more than what it actually is. Potential viewers will expect videos about an intense manhunt between the main character and the stalker. I thought this was a Horror, Mystery, Thriller comparable with Nancy Drew or something.

The trailer does little to touch on the premise. The star character talking about personal interests. This makes up a very high percentage of the videos. It’s equal to watching a two-hour feature film, and the good part doesn’t come until the last minutes of Act III. Meanwhile, the rest of the film drags on with baseless conviction.

Vlog #12 introduces the creepy guy on her street. #15 introduces the cyber bully and stalker. After this, the videos go back to random topics. Vlog #36 gets back to the creepy visitor. From here the videos finally seem to take off.

There is a total of 50 Vlogs right now, and of those, only a hand full seem worthwhile. There is no scare factor in Chris Regan’s production. There is a slight creep factor, but that’s it. Chris Regan. Paz Vs Stuff

In Conclusion

Paz Vs. Stuff could have been more effective in its approach. The production team should have created a different experience. Of course, this is personal opinion. A lot of the subscribers seem to love the videos, with only a few naysayers here and there

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