Meelah Adams, a student studying media production in Germany created a viral sensation with a horror short titled. “Selfie from Hell”. As part of her Bachelor thesis on viral videos, Meelah Adams in collaboration with friend and author/ film director Erdal Ceylan created the two minute horror film short “Selfie from Hell” to study the phenomenon behind viral videos. Having both worked in the field of film production, the team brainstormed ideas on the best approach to capture the world’s attention.

Viral videos, are small snippets of footage that grasps attention and garners emotion among the masses. At a time in our digital age where everyone and anyone has access to the internet, viral videos are shared daily amongst friends, colleagues and family. Whether it’s scenes of kittens playing or crime scene footage, viral videos have become an integral part of our lives.     

“Selfie From Hell” spawned from..

fuck you zombie

The idea “Selfie from Hell” was based on a screenplay turned novel titled, “Fuck you Zombie” in which  Erdal Ceylan had worked on. The idea of creating promotional videos/material for the novel was already on the planning stages.

However, Meelah Adams came up with the notion to bind both the novel “Fuck you Zombie” and her thesis project together as one. Meelah Adams stated that:

One day the thought popped into my mind to combine both parts – a win-win situation. So our viral got a connection and our novel got a video.

“Selfie from Hell” was created over an eight days period and is one of a multi-part videos series. In the viral video/ horror film short, “Selfie from Hell” Meelah Adams portrays a woman who notices a strange entity appearing in each of the selfies she’s taken. With each subsequent photograph, the sinister apparition draws closer and closer and closer until…

“Selfie from Hell” received positive feedback , leaving the option open for a possible full length feature based on the viral video/horror film short. On the notion of making a full production, Meelah Adams responded:

We’d love to make a feature Selfie from Hell. But such a movie would cost a lot of money, which we just don’t have right now.

Whatever the future holds for Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan’s movie production venture remains to be seen. Based on the popularity garnered with “Selfie from Hell” foresees a crowdfunding campaign for their film project occurring sooner rather than later. This is a very inspirational story and merits promotion and funds if a crowdfunding does establish for “Selfie from Hell” the movie..correction, “Fuck you Zombie” the movie.


Here’s the second video in the series by Meelah Adams and Erdal Ceylan

Source: Meelah Adams blog post


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