Smartphone Demon, Film Short on Scares 

Smartphone Demon

Release Date: Dec 19, 2015

Release Format: Youtube

MPAA Rating: NR

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Supernatural


A man discovers something sinister while taking selfies with his smartphone.


“Smartphone Demon” is the latest film to fuse modern society’s fixation on technology/social media with supernatural concepts. The combination of these two elements have seen successful application in horror cinema over the years. Recently, the technology/social media/supernatural concept has seen a rise in popularity. The fusion is actully becoming more prevalent in horror films. Unfortunately, director Andrea Ricca, attempted to offer scares and originality with his contribution, the short film; “Smartphone Demon”.


“Smartphone Demon” is an independent short film from an aspiring director.


“Smartphone Demon” is literally a carbon copy from a previously released “selfie horror” themed short film. Unveiled earlier this year, the film in question became an internet sensation. Going viral days after its premier on Youtube, the short film also graced top credits in top horror short film listing.

The only defining contrast between “Smartphone Demon” and its source material are; the sexual orientation of the protagonist and design of the villainous entity.

The unconvincing portrayal coupleled with a less than stellar final reveal weakened the production. Fear invoking tension was completely absent throughout the two minute duration of the film.

In closing:

Its no surprise that films (regardless of genre) are derivatives of previously released mediums. This approach can be expected with big major movie studios. However, the application shouldn’t be condoned or utilized on the independent circuit, especially in the horror genre.

Andrea Ricca’s “Smartphone Demon” could have and should have taken a different approach in delivering a technology/social media/supernatural horror concept. New ideas and redefining films are beneficial to the horror genre.


Rating Criteria

  • 0-10 Avoid
  • 11-20- Mediocre
  • 21-30 -Good
  • 31-40 – Average
  • 41-50- Decent
  • 51-60 – Stunning
  • 71-80 – Must See
  • 81-90 – Amazing
  • 91-100 – Impressive



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