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Witching Season offers the nostalgic approach to the Horror anthology concept. Halloween is the central concept that binds each of the three episodes. Michael Ballif is the creative mind behind the series.

Most reading this article are young enough to remember “Tales From The Crypt” and “The Twilight Zone”. According to the Youtube description “Witching Season” draws inspiration from these cult classic programs of yesteryear. Yet, as a collective “Witching Season” presents innovation over emulation.

Conveyed within each episode is a tale of terror with modern aesthetics. “Killer on the Loose” and “Princess” are storylines is derived from familiar themes. While “Not Alone” is a refreshing conversation between viewer and director.

“Witching Season” Ep1: “Killer on the Loose”

Michael BallifDecayMag.com Michael Ballif's The Witching Season   served as director, editor, and writer to this intriguing debut episode. Presented is the time tested slasher Horror concept. For the duration of the episode, seen is a cat and mouse hunt, killer and prey. This is a quest for survival and a combat of wits. The production aspect is of above standard. B-shots blends well with the tension paced action. Thus, maintaining a flow that is appealing. This is the sign of creative compositing and experience in the film of film production. The sequence or events did not involve any dialogue. In its place, we have some convincing acting.

Hailey NebekerJames Morris, and Autumn Russell star in the tension-filled slasher “Killer on the Loose” 

The synopsis to “Killer On The Loose” reads as follows:

“An escaped killer lurks in the shadows of an isolated home on Halloween night”.

“Witching Season” Ep2: “Princess”

James MorrisDecayMag.com Michael Ballif's The Witching Season  penned and directed “Princess”, the second episode of “Witching Season”. A young girl, a single mother, and a plush toy cast in this segment. What could go wrong in this scenario?  This episode treks into supernatural Horror.  This particular concept is not a personal favorite. Yet, bias didn’t cloud appreciation of the talent involved. The viewer receives a different element of tension, a bit of mystery somewhat. The vibe is much different with the first episode. This, of course, is a good approach neither two concepts bear similar execution.

Once again great camera work elevates the presentation high in composition grade. The actresses offer solid performances. The on-screen chemistry between the mother and daughter characters were splendid.

Emily BroschinskyAnita Rosenbaum, Jordan Swenson, and James Morris star in “Princess”.

The synopsis to “Princess” reads as follows:

“Kendra and her daughter Jamie move to a new home in the quiet suburbs in search of a new beginning… but something evil lurks in the basement and it isn’t looking for roommates”.

“Witching Season” Ep3: ‘Not Alone”

James MorrisDecayMag.com Michael Ballif's The Witching Season  is at the helm once again. This time the third and (as of press time) the final episode for “Witching Season” S1. Out of the three episodes, “Not Alone” presents a different narrative, an original concept. The segment tread into psychological horror and science fiction. Audiences will be on the edge of their seats with this creative vision.

Production for “Not Alone” is simplistic with its execution. Offered is a claustrophobic setting held within the confines of a bedroom. The episode is one-man performance. Both components blend well for a well-executed formula. Much as the debut episode, the final scene is the principal attraction.

Sean Hunter & Samuel Morris star in “Not Alone”.

“Not Alone” Synopsis

“A mysterious presence awakens a man on Halloween night”.

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