XKWX: Jim Bromley’s Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Series

XKWX: Horror Web Series Details

Director: Jim BromleyDecayMag.com Jim Bromley's XKWX

Writer: Jim Bromley

Release Date: 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi


“XKWX” is a mini Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi series. Currently consisting of three short episodes; “Al La Carte”, “A Strange Snag In Spacetime”, and “Wet Cell”. People, who have problems to get off their chest and need to vent discreetly, can do so with the host of the XKWX radio station.


“Al  La Carte”

In “Al La Carte”, Bajnok Bortnik (Vince Tula) stumbles upon a hotel, where, coincidentally, a patient by the same name is also registered. He finds out the hard way when he takes the room his name is booked under without hesitation. When the real “Bajnok Bortnik” that was assigned to the room shows up, wearing an odd mask, Tula is put in a brief hostage situation that could mean life or death.

“A Strange Snag In Spacetime”

In “A Strange Snag In Spacetime”, Peter Kirkmann (Rory Dunn), owns a specialty Mom and Pop shop, buying and selling antique merchandise. A man wanders into the shop and wants to sell him a book called “A Strange Snag In Spacetime” along with some other items. The buying price that the customer was hoping for was not offered, so he angrily storms out of the shop, leaving all of the merchandise for Peter to keep. Peter starts browsing through the book, and he oddly notices a chapter dedicated to “Peter Kirkmann”. Intrigued, he reads the chapter and finds himself in a mental whirlwind.

“Wet Cell”

In “Wet Cell”, Sylvia Weathers (Caitlin Norton), hastily signs up for a questionable service from a mysterious agent. The Central Fusion system, a new system that’s never been heard of before, is claimed to give her company the superior electric generating service that it needs to thrive. Before she’s had time to research the company, the agent rushes her to seal the deal. This could prove a very dastardly move as Sylvia will soon find out.


Although it takes a minimalistic approach, “XKWX” is a breath of fresh air; a different approach to horror cinema that is strange in the same way that it is revitalizing. The stories (or episodes) are all of original, creative ideas. There is a lot of Sci-Fi and Mystery elements, especially in “A Strange Snag In Spacetime” and “Wet Cell”. The premise to all of these stories and struggles, come back to XKWX, a private, discreet radio station, where patrons can vent about whatever is bothering them and get their frustrations and struggles off their chests.

“Al La Carte” is more of a Crime-Mystery. You have this mysterious man in a mask, who seemingly looks, talks, and acts like a dangerous, but important man. He is hiding something, however, you don’t know what, and this discreteness is not revealed. It’s left up to pondering, which is kind of disappointing in a sense, but also, gives you a feeling of anxiety.

“A Strange Snag In Spacetime” is, mysteriously, about spacetime. A man gets an odd book in his hands, reads it, and finds himself between the bounds of reality and delusion.

“Wet Cell” is a Mystery with Sci-Fi undertones. A woman finds a glitch in the new generator system that she purchased for her company, and that glitch turns out to be something, fittingly, not of this world.


The episodes in the “XKWX” series, although very good, were also too short. While watching them I felt like they were somewhat rushed, as if director Jim Bromley ran out of time and had to throw in an abrupt ending that would be comfortably suiting, as if not to seem out of place.

I would have definitely loved to see more in “Al La Carte”. I feel as if the masked guy had a few skeletons in the closet that were necessary to the story. But since there was not much to go on, I was left with unanswered questions.

In “Wet Cell”, I would have loved to see the “finished product” of the destruction the Central Fusion system was creating. I assumed it was turning humans into weird alien creatures, but couldn’t be certain, since it didn’t show as much.

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