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Home Of Indies, Resource For Indie Game Developers Seeks Crowdfunding

Home of Indies Crowdfunding to Revolutionize Independent Game Market? Home Of Indies Crowdfunding Details: Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo Project Overview: The indie game industry has major problems. The issues... Dan Lantz, Michael McFadden Bloodrunners

Bloodrunners, Vampires Gangsters A Chilling Retro Action -Film Review

Bloodrunners In this Tale Vampires Don't Sparkle Bloodrunners Film Details  Director: Dan Lantz Writer(s): Dan Lantz, Michael McFadden Release Date: 7th March 2017 (USA) Release Format: Video on Demand MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Action,... Shudder

Shudder, Subscription Horror Service A Benefit? -Impressions

Shudder Horror Streaming, Pros and Cons Weighed Shudder is a horror streaming service owned and created by AMC. Shudder is devoted to delivering the best... Daniel Espinosa Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick Life

Life Develops Into A Thrilling Horror Sci-Fi Specimen -Film Review

Life Flexes Muscle As Horror, Sci-Fi Experience Life Receives DecayMag Editor's Choice Award Thrilling realism based narrative, outstanding visuals and calibrated acting earn top honors.  Film Details Director: Daniel Espinosa  Writer: Rhett... Wizard World Comi-Con Cleveland

Wizard World Cleveland 2017 Event Coverage

Wizard World Cleveland Set Stage for Comic Book and Pop Culture  Wizard World Comi-Con 2017 Cleveland, Ohio Overview Wizard World Comi-Con occurred this past weekend, March 17th...

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XKWX, Jim Bromley’s Horror Anthology Series -Review

XKWX: Jim Bromley’s Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Series XKWX: Horror Web Series Details Director: Jim Bromley Writer: Jim Bromley Release Date: 2016 Release Format: Streaming MPAA Rating: Not Rated Horror Sub-Genre: Horror,...

Witching Season, YouTube Horror Series -Review

Witching Season, Horror Anthology on YouTube! Witching Season offers the nostalgic approach to the Horror anthology concept. Halloween is the central concept that binds each...

Saibot Studios Offer “Doorways” To Live-Action Horror

Saibot Studios Introduces In-Game Antagonist. Saibot Studios, unveils second Horrific chapter.. Argentinean based indie game developer, Saibot Studios unveils their next live-action Horror video. The latest entry...



Gone With The Dead Seeking Submissions for Horror Romance Anthology

Gone With The Dead Seeking Horror, Romance Submissions  Gone With The Dead Anthology Book Details  Gone With The Dead is an anthology of short stories in the making....

Dracula Concertina Book KickStarter Campaign Launched

Dracula Concertina Book Created by Lyndon White Dracula Concertina Book Crowdfunding Details  Creator, Illustrator: Lyndon White Crowdfunding Platform:  Kickstarter Release Date: May 2017 Synopsis A young lawyer on an assignment finds himself imprisoned in a Transylvanian...

Rites of Azathoth, Latest Novel Released From Horror Author Frank Cavallo

Rites of Azathoth, Frank Cavallo: Novel Released On Amazon Rites of Azathoth, Frank Cavallo: Full Details  Writer: Frank Cavallo Publisher: Bedlam Press Release Date: February 2017 Genre: Fiction, Horror Synopsis F.B.I....

Battle the Beast, The Magicians Writing Contest on Wattpad

Battle the Beast, Become a Writing Magician Battle the Beast Writing Contest, Overview A contest is now open for creative writers. The theme for the competition...

Road Virus, Crowdfunding Aims to Infect Cities with Literature

Road Virus, The. Aims To Enrich Communities with Horror  Road Virus, The. Crowdfunding Campaign An amazing crowdfunding campaign is drawing to a close. This particular venture is not multimedia...

Scott Frazelle’s Story Moggy Creatures, A Purrfect Terror

Scott Frazelle's Horror Short Story Pounces with Terror Scott Frazelle's upcoming film Moggy Creatures is in development. In our earlier coverage, we delved into the visual elements...