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Graves, Weekly Series Buries Horror, Comedy -Web Series Review

Graves Digs Deep With Horror, Comedic Content Graves Series Details  Director: Terence Krey, Daniel Fox  Writer: Terence Krey Release Date: 29th February 2016 (USA) Release Format: Streaming (Vimeo) MPAA Rating:... Lawrie Brewster, Sarah Daly, Hex Media, Dark Dunes Productions. The Black Gloves

Black Gloves, The. Eerie Horror Film Noir Seeks Crowdfunding

Black Gloves, The, Lawrie Brewster: Official Teaser Trailer Black Gloves, The: Full Details  Director: Lawrie Brewster Writer: Sarah Daly Medium: Feature Film Crowdfunding Platform: KickStarter Release Date: TBA, Autumn 2017 Release... Director, Writer Tripp Weathers American Exorcism

Exorcism Films Unleash International Evils, May 2017

Exorcism Films Take Over May With Two Releases Exorcism Sets Horror Tone For May With Two Film Releases You may call it a coincidence or... Director, Writer: Faisal Saif Islamic Exorcist

Islamic Exorcist Set To Take Possession -Trailer, Poster Reveal

Islamic Exorcist Making Its Presence Felt! Islamic Exorcist Film Details  Director: Faisal Saif Writer: Faisal Saif Release Date: 26 May 2017 (USA) *IMDb Release Format: VOD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Horror Running Time: Synopsis: The lives of an... Edward Lyons, Melissa Lyons Alfred J Hemlock

Alfred J. Hemlock; Original Story, Iconic Villian Excel -Film Short Review

Alfred J Hemlock Makes Memorable First Impression in Horror Cinema Alfred J Hemlock Earns DecayMag Premier Award  Influential contribution in character and villainous development. Seamless acting...

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GameStop Special Offers Resident Evil 7 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier



Demon With A Comb-Over, Stuart R. West’s Comedy, Horror Re-Released by...

Demon With A Comb-Over, Stuart R. West: Riverdale Avenue Books Re-release Demon With A Comb-Over Details Synopsis Take Charlie Broadmoor’s life. Please. Charlie sucks at stand-up comedy. He...

Anti-Christ, Supernatural Themed Graphic Novel Seeks Funding, Kickstarter

Anti-Christ, Supernatural Thriller Aims 2017 Release Seeks Backers  Anti-Christ Crowdfunding Details  Writer: James Mascia Medium: Graphic Novel Pages: 120 (approx) Release Date: TBA, May 2017 (Projected)   Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter Project Overview: Sam has...

Tap By Wattpad Merges Horror Literature Via Chat

Tap Offers Horror Literature With Chat Aesthetics Tap by Wattpad Details iTunes Store Google Play Store Overview Literature is the birthplace for the Horror genre. Many of the classic...

Gone With The Dead Seeking Submissions for Horror Romance Anthology

Gone With The Dead Seeking Horror, Romance Submissions  Gone With The Dead Anthology Book Details  Gone With The Dead is an anthology of short stories in the making....

Dracula Concertina Book KickStarter Campaign Launched

Dracula Concertina Book Created by Lyndon White Dracula Concertina Book Crowdfunding Details  Creator, Illustrator: Lyndon White Crowdfunding Platform:  Kickstarter Release Date: May 2017 Synopsis A young lawyer on an assignment finds himself imprisoned in a Transylvanian...

Rites of Azathoth, Latest Novel Released From Horror Author Frank Cavallo

Rites of Azathoth, Frank Cavallo: Novel Released On Amazon Rites of Azathoth, Frank Cavallo: Full Details  Writer: Frank Cavallo Publisher: Bedlam Press Release Date: February 2017 Genre: Fiction, Horror Synopsis F.B.I....